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J.J. Caldwell dismissed from the program; Jay Jay Chandler suspended indefinitely

Welcome to Texas A&M, where the good feelings never last.

C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

We were flying high. We were fresh off a four game winning streak that pushed us back to 6-6 in conference, and we had absolutely everything to play for.

It was in this context that two guys got picked up for marijuana possession early Sunday morning.

Our eight man rotation had solidified with out much help from either player (and practically none from Caldwell), but when combined with Duane Wilson’s continued injury problems, this news could cause some real problems for us moving forward.

It’s an extraordinarily frustrating turn of events from a team that has shown shockingly little discipline. The worst part about all of this? We have a handful of guys who handle their business the right way, and their time on campus is at risk of being torpedoed by this nonsense.

Two road games coming this week, and it looks like we’ll have an extremely short bench.

BTHO Mizzou