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Daily Bull 2.1.18: LIKE A BOSS

Presenting a Good Bull Hunting boss talk

just some bosses doin’ boss things
Photo credit should read LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

Remember that lame-ass dad joke about what Aggies are called X years after graduation that undoubtedly made the rounds when you were in school at A&M? Well, it’s good to know that it is still unironically being used today, in this, the Year of our Lord 2018, as the title of an on-campus seminar.

BAWSS. This is just splendid. I have some mixed news for you, students: most of you WON’T be bosses. That’s the bad news for you, because you probably think you deserve to be a boss, or at least want to be. The good news that no one’s telling you right now is that IT’S OK TO NOT BE BOSS. It’s fine, actually. You can go about your business quietly without too much hobnobbing and you don’t have to deal with infinitesimal administrative duties. You don’t have to converse in a jargon that sucks the soul out of you and you don’t have to worry too much about what people think of you, as long as you get your shit done and don’t rock the boat. This leaves you plenty of time for other meaningful pursuits like raising a family or blogging. Being a boss is fine for some, but don’t feel that you have to do it just because you’re an Aggie.

The Aggie fixation with bosses is long-standing and well-documented, and goes well beyond this recent financial burst encompassing the Kyle Field renovations and the historic Jimbo Fisher contract. Ags grandstanding about Fortune 500 CEOs and oil money has been around as long as the Internet. Now it’s just rote; a part of the daily routine instead of a jocular pursuit. If it’s not already part of Fish Camp lore, it will be soon. Lots of people will go on to become bosses and some will even be good bosses and enjoy it.

But you’re not a failure if you’re not the boss.

Q: What do you call an Aggie who still makes Aggie Boss quips years after graduation?

A: Probably not a lot of fun to hang out with.