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Daily Bull 12.5.18: On Bowl Matchups & More

What’s not to like?

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports


All you pissant dick-measuring fans will love this one: are we already speculating whether or not Texas A&M will finish ahead of Texas in the final rankings assuming an Aggie bowl win and an UGA annihilation of Texas? Certainly we are. If only there were a more accurate and directly effective means of determining which 2018 team was better.


The usual suspects have been named unanimous first-team all conference players: Williams, Mann, and Sternberger are all-SEC performers, according to everyone. And remember: yes, lots of players on our team got snubbed because everyone has it out for Texas A&M.


Coach Fisher is already honed in on containing the NC State QB Ryan Finley, who’s been putting up solid numbers for years. Pretty nice having a guy who’s super-familiar with ACC teams now that we’re playing them in bowls and Clemson in OOC. Oh wait, what’s that? You don’t like this bowl matchup?


Few days late here, but I’m gonna climb back up on this old dilapidated soapbox we’ve got here at GBH HQ (Santa, if you’re reading, a new one would be much appreciated.)

Listen, there is way too much of this shit. Y’all think finishing second in the SEC West is some kind of birthright that automatically qualifies for a NY6 Bowl? Here’s a counter: don’t shit the bed against Mississippi State in Starkville (for the third straight trip) and don’t gift Auburn a game that was well in hand, and the rest of the business would have taken care of itself. We’re playing a team with a better record than us, and that had similar stints in the rankings as us. It’s a program we’ve never faced before. In Florida. In a bowl. ON NEW YEAR’S EVE. AT NIGHT. It’s called “fun” and you might want to re-prioritize it above “petulant indignation” in your cache of auto-reactions when processing exciting sports fan stuff. Just a thought. It makes life more enjoyable.

Have a great Wednesday, gang! Here is a very serious sports star having serious fun.