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Texas Southern 88, Texas A&M 73

SEC play beckons, and we’re back to square one

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a typical game recap.

If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of our shellacking at the hands of Texas Southern, I’d recommend going here. It does a fine job explaining this nonsense.

But if you’re like me, you can’t process losses like this without a little help.

For example, Texas Southern has losses to Lamar and Tulane, and got waxed by a schooled named Evansville. To compensate, here is a photo of a very good boy receiving a police commendation.

Texas A&M was 4-12 from the free throw line. That is very, very bad, and we should feel bad. Here is a very good boy about to enjoy some new toys.

Brandon Mahan, who was 10-16 from behind the arc in his previous four games, missed every shot he took and finished with zero points. That is less than ideal. Here is a tiny bunny.

Texas Southern had 26 assists on 36 made baskets, including 12 threes (12-26; 46%). They looked great on offense, while prior to yesterday they were near the bottom of just about every major offensive D1 statistical category. Here is a photo of a funny white dog playing in the snow.

Finally, the Aggies are projected to win two of their first eleven SEC games, and could very easily finish in the bottom four of the conference. Here is a funny photo of a silly train.


Y’all, I’ve got nothing. Everything I thought I learned over the past few weeks was a lie, and this level of effort and this level of execution will legitimately go 0-18 in SEC play.

We’ve got a winnable home game against Arkansas to open the conference slate, and then the schedule gets realllly nasty. Any conceivable path to redemption includes a victory on Saturday, so we’ve got to get it done.

BTHO Arkansas