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Preview: Texas A&M vs. Northwestern State

This is the easiest game left on the schedule. If we don’t pull away, it could be a bad sign of things to come.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Reed Arena

TV: SEC Network

Line: No line

Advanced Metrics via KenPom: Texas A&M has a 99% chance to win

There’s not a ton to unpack, as this is definitively the easiest game left on our schedule. We should roll, and we should do so definitively.

Results of Note

They’ve lost five games by 20+ points... but they did beat Centenary at home. So that’s nice.

Things to Watch

Northwestern State is horrendous from the beyond the arc. So bad, in fact, that they (342 of 353) are only one position ahead of us (343 of 353) in the national 3PT% rankings. If you know of any home builders in the B/CS area, there’s a decent chance they’ll be able to pick up some bricks for cheap.

In all honesty, they are really bad at closing down the three as well (37.3% against - good for 291 of 353 D1 teams), so we should get some reallll clean looks tonight. If there was ever a night for our shooting to improve, this might be it.

Overall Thoughts

We can’t fix everything tonight, but we can continue the progress that we noted earlier in the week. The team has looked better since the return of Wendell Mitchell, and that narrative can continue if we take care of business tonight and get plenty of rest ahead of the home game against Boston College on Saturday.

Piece by piece, we can start to put this non-conference slate back together. But it’ll all be a little easier if we make this one as stress-free as possible.

BTHO Northwestern State