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BOWL PREVIEWS: Saturday, December 29th—Morning Shift

Begin the day with a Belk Bowl, as doctors recommend

Florida v Georgia
“I don’t know how I got here either”
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Peach Bowl

by Shooter Flatch

Michigan vs Florida | 11:00 am | ESPN

On semifinal Saturday, this game serves as a nice appetizer to kick start our last Saturday of college football for the season. Read that again and let it settle into your brain. This is the last Saturday of college football games. Clear the day, nestle into your couch/recliner and spend a full 12 hours soaking this in. Let’s break this matchup down real quick:

- Mascot Fight. I’d actually love to see this happen inside a cage. Wolverine vs an alligator. While I feel like the wolverine would surprise most people with its quickness and tenacity, gotta go with the Gator to get those jaws down eventually.

- Harbaugh vs Mullen. One of them climbs trees, drinks milk, and watches movies with high school kids. The other one is an adult. Harbaugh slips back and forth across the line of insanity at times, Mullen is just steady and keeps impressing. Give me Mullen in this one.

- Revenge Factor. In the last three years Michigan has manhandled Florida twice. Neither game was close but Florida didn’t have Mullen on the sideline for either. Michigan was on a Revenge Tour until the Buckeyes derailed their magical season. Gators look to flip the tables and have a Revenge Game of their own in Atlanta.

Go Gatah!

Belk Bowl

by Twitter

Virginia vs. South Carolina | 11 a.m. | ABC

Arizona Bowl

by Rush

Arkansas State vs. Nevada | 12:15 p.m. | CBSSN

ESPN Exec 1: All right, ya hayseeds, it’s a bowl game. Everybody have fun. Everybody watch ESPN.

Feisty Hayseed: Well, which is it, young feller? You want I should have fun, or should I watch this bowl game? Mean to say, if’n I watch ESPN, I can’t rightly have fun. And if’n I watch this bowl game, I’m not gonna be watchin’ ESPN. You see...

ESPN Exec 1: Shut up!

Feisty Hayseed: Okay then.

ESPN Exec 1: Everybody watch the bowl!

ESPN Exec 2: Y’all can just forget that part about watchin’ ESPN now.

ESPN Exec 1: Better still to get some good football in.

ESPN Exec 2: Yeah, y’all hear that, don’t ya?

[Everybody changes the channel. ESPN Exec 1 looks at the now-empty viewer statistics]

ESPN Exec 1: Shit! Where’d all the viewers go?

Viewers’ voices: We’re over here, sir.

ESPN Exec 2: They’re watching CBSSN as you commanded.