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Taxes A&M unveils uniforms for TaxSlayer Gator Bowl

The changes are not immaterial

The Texas A&M Aggies have become innovators within the realm of college football uniforms, and nowhere has that been more true than in bowl games. The Aggies (at least in this photoshopped alternate universe) have made it one of their most well-known traditions to trot out uniforms that integrate elements of the bowl game as well as its corporate sponsor. Whether those uniform elements are legal to be worn on the field is seemingly irrelevant.

With A&M facing the NC State Wolfpack in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl on New Year’s Eve, let’s see what threads they’ve cooked up this year.

If you hadn’t discerned it by now, these are not real uniforms. And if you aren’t reading this, surely you’ll figure it out when you see them. Right?

The showpiece of any alternate uniform is the helmet, and this one is no exception. With A&M kicking off on New Year’s Eve night, this helmet honors the famous ball drop in Times Square, and will light up each time the Aggies score. It also features a subtle gator skin print and glossy Texas A&M logo.

The uniform itself mimics the look of the tax experts for whom the bowl sponsor is named, featuring a white collared shirt and khaki pants. The gator skin texture from the helmet is also mimicked in the jersey numbers.

Another thing Aggies are known for is flaunting how much money we have. That’s why Jimbo Fisher’s W2 is printed right on the players’ gloves.

The cleats feature a gator skin texture, along with real alligator claws embedded onto the toe. SUCK IT, PETA!

A closer look reveals that the collar seen at the top of the jersey is actually from the base layer, which is a full button-down dress shirt, complete with pocket protector.

Finally, the “Texas A&M” wordmark has been altered to read “Taxes A&M.” The Aggies will also wear a special patch honoring former player Kyler Murray for his recent Heisman Trophy. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie. Gig ‘em Kyler.

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