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Let Daylon Mack Run The Dang Ball In The Gator Bowl


Northwestern v Texas A&M Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

There is a movement on social media. An important one.

Justin Dunning was one of Daylon Mack’s fellow signees, and played various positions on the Aggie defense before multiple knee surgeries forced him to retire from football a year ago. Now he’s hosting a podcast and making excellent suggestions on Twitter.

This is not a new or unique concept. Clemson’s fridge package has been enormously successful this year.

The possibilities are infinite: a Maryland I with Mack, Gillaspia, and Trayveon Williams. A regular I with Gillaspia at tailback behind Mack. Put Kingsley Keke in at fullback and Mack at tailback. Gillaspia on the wing. Play action to the tight end. Just think about it, Coach Dickey. I can guarantee you that the vast majority of people will not hate you even if it results in no gain. At least you tried it once and made your team and fans immensely happy.

This is Daylon Mack’s last game as an Aggie. It’s a mid-tier bowl. Let’s have some fun. He knows his way around the backfield.