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Podcast: Roasting the Boston College cancellation + Oregon State Preview

We also found time to talk about the Billy Kennedy outgoing transfer crisis and underground rumblings of Admon Gilder’s return

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Early Winter Snowstorm Hammers Chicago Area Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

About the episode:

The guys recap the only game in a bizarre mid-season drought (Northwestern State) before talking about the Isiah Jasey transfer, the rumblings of an Admon Gilder return, and the true motives that must have been at play in the ridiculous Boston College cancellation. Then Joe Londergan from SBNation site Building The Damn joins to talk about the game against Oregon State and graciously agrees to not get either of our two (wait, we only have two?!) scholarship big men in foul trouble.

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Share your thoughts on the upcoming week for Fightin’ Texas Aggie Basketball. Can we (gulp) improve to 1-3 in games played in the frigid northwest?

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Joe Londergan from SBNation Oregon State site Building The Damn

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