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These Texas A&M Bowl T-shirts Are The Pinnacle Of Creativity

Anybody else HERE TO CREATE?

What’s the best part of Bowl Season? You guessed it: the arrival of hastily-conceived and mass-produced bowl memorabilia. To wit:

Yessir, we too are here to create. Create a roast of these mysterious articles of emptiness.

  • hobby lobby craft novice ass shirt
  • It’s A Bowl Game
  • Here To Create: 5,000 Words About A Tweet
  • Here To Create: 5,000 Tweets About Nothing
  • (the back is blank)
  • Internet, find anagrams
  • More meaningful than recruiting rankings-ass t-shirt-ass
  • Jacksonville thinks this shirt is sprawling and bland
  • When you accidentally copy & paste from the instructions “click here to create another bland Aggie t-shirt”
  • Inspired by one of Patton’s lesser-known quotes: “Give me a bowl game in Jacksonville and I’ll make one creative-ass t-shirt, motherfuckers.”
  • You know you are proud of your bowl game when its logo takes up 2% of the shirt’s printed area
  • Available in youth and adult sizes, so you know where to donate it next year.
  • (Goodwill doesn’t want this t-shirt, asshole)
  • buy now to write off on your 2018 tax losses
  • (are you even listening to us?)
  • How to convert leftover fish camp shirts into Christmas sales
  • Here to create New Years Eve regret that does not involve alcohol
  • Here to create memories on an episode of COPS before ripping my shirt off because by law, all males must be shirtless at the end of a COPS episode
  • Here to create rules to follow in the name of freedom
  • Because “I Came Here To Do Two Things: Play A Second-Tier ACC School In A Drab Floridian Suburbscape, and Create. And It Looks Like We’re All Out Of Second-Tier ACC Schools In Drab Floridian Suburbscapes” wouldn’t fit on the damn t-shirt.

These cost $35 each. That’s the joke.