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Daily Bull 11.6.18: OUTLOOK UNCERTAIN

Happy November

21st Biennale of Sydney Media Preview Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

MORNING ALL. It’s another fine Tuesday, and oh yeah it’s Ole Miss week. Enjoy responsibly.

ODDZ n’ ENDZ. So Vegas has us winning by a rather healthy margin and our pals at Red Cup think it sounds about right. On the one hand...hey Vegas bros, have you SEEN our pass defense? Healthy QB or no, that yardometer’s going to be spinning and smoking on Saturday. ON THE OTHER HAND, that Land Shark defense nearly gave up 50 to a Will Muschamp offense. Do you love November Nihilist Football? This is an early Thanksgiving feast, gang.

F—K IT DUDE, LET’S GO BOWLIN. The predictions have been getting progressively more desperate, and sure enough, the WWL’s latest has us pegged playing a Big 12 team in either the Texas or Liberty Bowl. Well at least it won’t be Texas this year amirite or amirite rite rite rite...

THAT AIN’T HOW MATH WORKS. Hmm, you’d think he’d have a firmer grasp on numbers after counting those 75 million paychecks, but here’s Jimbo declaring he’s one thousand percent behind the starting QB. Look, this is a fine sentiment, and if you’ve got your guy, you’ve got to stick with him. Caving in to pressure from a fan base in year one is definitely not a good look. As long as he’s lighting a fire under Mond’s ass in practice, this is all just pointless jabber anyway. Eat at Arby’s, then watch the Ole Miss game.