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Aint nobody safe here except for Trayveon

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I can only think of two good things in this game. Trayveon Williams played well, and the linebackers had a decent game.

Everything else was bad. Really really bad. This is the first absolutely inexcusable loss in the Jimbo Fisher era and boy is it a doozy. We’re better than Auburn. We owned this damn game for 90% of the time. This rivals UCLA. This rivals the 2011 season. This was an Aggie Football meltdown at its finest. I hated every single minute of this game.


I have been Kellen Mond’s most ardent supporter, but today I have nothing. His stat line was 15/29 for 209 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. He fumbled the ball twice, one of which was a gamechanger and the interception he threw basically turned the game on a dime. I’ve defended him this season because he’s managed the game well and his missteps haven’t cost us the game. We’ve dealt with high throws, ill timed throws etc all season long, but they’ve been ok.

Today his mistakes cost us what should been a win anchored by solid defense and a solid run game.

I don’t know if a change at QB is the answer because I don’t know what we have in Nick Starkel but I do know that this loss is primarily on Kellen Mond. This was a bad game. Absolutely horrible. And then the icing on the damn cake was him taking a sack when we had a second to throw it away. Bad day for Kellen Mond.


I’ve watched every episode of the pulse and Jimbo has been adamant that this team has to learn how to win, has to learn how to get better week in and week out but you know what he’s gotta get better week in and week out and today HE didn’t get better. I’m sick of the play clock issues, and that’s not just on Mond. It’s on Jimbo to get the damn play call in knowing full and well that the refs are gonna let the other team substitute. He’s gotta adapt because he’s (yes the head coach) is hurting the damn team.

We’ve been playing on a razor’s edge for the past few weeks damn near giving the game away (Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky) to teams that I think we’re more talented than. Today we gave this one away. We handed it to them on a silver GD platter and Jimbo’s gotta take some blame for that.


Run defense was solid today but Auburn has a bad run game. We haven’t figured anything out in the secondary and we’re nine games in. Nine games in and we’re making the same mistakes. I get that the talent isn’t there. You’re paid millions of dollars to scheme to make up for that. It cant just be about getting “your” guys on the’re paid the money to win with what you have. And we haven’t done that at all. You’re paid to figure it out. Figure it the hell out.

We’re getting no pass rush from the ends. The DTs were contained today. We continue to ride that razor thin line hoping that our talent will win us games, well dammit why can’t we rely on scheme to make up for the lack of talent in areas.

No Killer Instinct

First drive ends in a field goal. Trading TDs for field goals in the redzone. Missing fieldgoals to basically close the game out. Having a third and long with the game on the line and not being able to convert. Being backed up against the wall needing one stop to win the game and not making it happen.

We don’t have any killer instinct, and this team still has a lot of softness to it. That’s on players and coaches alike. The introduction to “The Pulse” said “You wont be great until you decide to be great”. I totally agree. We as a program have not decided to be great. And it’s showing up on the field.

Moving Forward

There’s such a difference between 5-4 and 6-3. Such a dang difference that we left on the table today. This was such a huge missed opportunity to turn a corner with this program. We needed this one. I’ll be honest, the rest of the season in somewhat in doubt for me. Ole Miss is a solid enough squad, UAB is good, and LSU is...well they’re LSU. Nothing about today gave me any confidence that this team has what it takes to finish strong.

I really hope to be proven wrong.

BTHO ole miss.