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Oklahoma Players To Wear Special Wristbands In Big 12 Title Game Containing Entirety Of NCAA Rule 9.1 To Avoid Offending Longhorns

Better safe than sorry

This week has seen quite the brouhaha online as Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley revealed in a radio call-in show that his team would be penalized for doing the popular hand gesture meant to demean the beloved Texas mascot.

The conference, long a proponent of equality within its ranks, and never one to take sides with any one school over another, quickly backpedaled on this statement, stating simply that they’d be adhering to NCAA rules on Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and referred all interested parties to Section 9.1 of the rulebook.

Unfortunately, the seeds of uncertainty were already sown. “It’s a confusing matter,” Riley added. “What if a player does it to a teammate, but an opposing player happens to be in the line of sight? What if a player simply has mucous on his middle two fingers and is attempting to extricate it from his glove tips so as not to hamper his ability to catch a football? It’s an extremely slippery slope.”

As a preventative aid, the program will be providing an additional wristband containing the entirety of NCAA Rule 9.1 printed out and encased in plastic laminate so that Sooner team members may refer to it upon the field of play in an effort to reduce potential personal fouls.

When reached for comment on this latest development, Tom Herman simply asked, “wait...are they allowed to do that? Is wearing two wristbands allowed? Someone should look into that.”

The Big 12 Conference is currently looking into whether wearing the additional wristband is allowed.