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Daily Bull 11.16.18: Discovering the Mackey Award

Did you know there’s an award just for tight ends? Incredible.

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Morning, all. Hope we are having a wonderful week. Sorry about the SNAFU in the TAILGATE yesterday. I honestly wasn’t even online but feel free to heap blame upon me anyway because against the collective wisdom of the Internet I got married during football season many years ago and still try to disappear for a day trip each year to celebrate. The important thing is that online vigilance was sharp and swift. We are all truly in late-season form.

CATCH IT!. The fever, SEC Basketballitis. The Aggies played Gonzaga last night and it...didn’t go as well as we may have hoped. I’ll never read about Gonzaga and not use this handy flowchart from Chuck to determine its exact and mysterious location. Don’t overindulge just yet, we’ve got many long and cold months of this left.

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD. Folks, UAB is surprisingly good this year! They’ve clinched their division and are sitting and a very nice 9-1. WILL THE AGS BE ABLE TO PULL OFF THE UPSET, OR AVOID THE UPSET, DEPENDING UPON WHICH PERSPECTIVE YOU CHOOSE TO ADOPT, WELL FIND OUT WHAT THE TEAM WILL NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH JUST THAT. Can we get a refund on this cupcake? It’s far more salty than the ones all of our peers pre-ordered this year.

BIG STERN. Guess who’s one of the eight finalists for the Mackey Award well guess what it’s Jace Sternberger, the newest sensation in Aggieland. For those unfamiliar with the award, it’s for the nation’s best “Tight End” and other finalists include players from #gritty programs like Boston College, Alabama, Stanford, and Iowa. See the official site here.

Have a blast this Friday!