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Look, this rivalry is fine, we can’t all be rivals with top-ten teams

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

MORNIN’. Anybody else still recovering from that Kentucky game? Show of hands? Good. Now put your arms down, use them to go grab a cup of coffee, and settle in. We’ve got a RIVALRY WEEK to get jacked for.

South Carolina’s struggling a bit on the ol’ Offense this year, ranked 13th in the SEC.

Q: What’s the best thing the Gamecock offense has going for it in 2018?



But seriously folks, if you missed the end of Mizzou-South Carolina on Saturday in the rain, you missed the most epic SEC East kicker duel between two of the most epic SEC East kicker names imaginable.

Parker White and Tucker McCann sound like they’re gonna start a law firm specializing in Trader Joe’s zoning restrictions after college. Remember: one of them only got the starting nod because Caldecotte Smitherton Kickingsworth, IV tweaked his MCL playing polo the week before.

South Carolina is a lot like Kentucky except without the dual-threat quarterback, the well-established tailback, the marquee pass rusher, and the disciplined and mistake-free demeanor. On second thought, South Carolina probably isn’t like Kentucky at all.

Scratch that: South Carolina is a lot like Kentucky in that they both play in the SEC East and we don’t know anything about them. What we do know is that the Ags haven’t lost to an SEC East team since 2014, so, uh, NO PRESSURE HERE, JIMBO.

And speaking of Kentucky one more time, if you are forgetful like me and didn’t set your DVR for this sucker, there’s a replay coming on at 8:30 a.m. Thursday on the SEC Network. Look, no one’s suggesting that you call in “sick” but you know you can’t roll all that paid time off over to next year, right?

Have a fun Monday, hopefully not all of us have to work. Plenty of RIVALRY WEEK content coming your way.