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Daily Bull 10.30.18: Now What?

Hey, at least we didn’t lose to Tennessee at home.

Tennessee v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images


No, no, not that one. This one. Let’s all be patient while we lose games. Here’s the thing with patience and reason as it pertains to college football expectations:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHHHHA, there ain’t none. Nope, every Johnny Armchair AD out there who’s shelled out a few hundred for a weekend in College Station is now, by default, an invested shareholder DEMANDING perfection. They can abide nailbiting losses to Clemson, even three-score defeats to the indomitable machine in Tuscalooosa. But not what happened Saturday night. Jimbo’s got a pretty long leash in year one, but losing in Starkville put a pretty healthy ding in that shiny new Cadillac of Aggie Football Expectations that’s gonna be pretty hard to buff out.


Allowed, not for. The bad variety. As in, Texas A&M is ranked 120th in sacks allowed this season, giving up 3.25 per game. That’s 26 on the season, the same number as BAYLOR. That’s TEN more than Auburn, the second-worst pass-protecting team in the SEC. Nationally, only Oregon State among P5 schools has done worse in this regard. This is supposed to be the heaviest offensive line in A&M history or something. What in the fuck is going on around here?


Buck up, campers. We’re not the only ones staring down the barrel of a cold November. Our next foes (in addition to Liberty) will square off against both teams from last year’s national title game in a 14-day span. I hate to say “it could be worse,” could definitely be worse.

/gets into 58-55 shootout with Ole Miss

//LSU and A&M combine for 20 points