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Scattershooting Wazzu’s logo, Boiler Up, and the final push for A&M

WLOCP, grilling burgers, and Power 5 coaching records

Auburn v Mississippi State
Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Ike Hilliard...

- The remaining five opponents for A&M are a combined 27-11. This is what we want. To see this team tested in the back half of the season, and see if they can push through and grind out some quality wins when it matters most. I’m fired up for tomorrow night and can’t wait to see how this team, under Jimbo, plays out the rest of the 2018 schedule. These next five weeks will fly by friends. Let’s remember to enjoy it.

- Does Washington State have the best logo in college football? You’ve got the letters for the W, S, and U. The S and U form a cougar’s head and mouth, and also still resemble the original C, for college, but also for Cougars. That’s just really well done. I guess after seeing 500 flags on College GameDay Saturday morning, it really stood out to me.

- What a fantastic scene in West Lafayette on Saturday night. Not only was it fun to watch the Boilermakers absolutely demolish the Buckeyes, but I assume you’ve seen the story about Purdue student and fan Tyler Trent, who is battling a very aggressive form of bone cancer for the third time in his life. I had myself a good old cry after that game, watching Tyler get to cheer on his Boilermakers to victory. Just an excellent reminder that this is just a kid’s game being played for our enjoyment. And there’s plenty more things in life that are much more important. I’ll be pulling for Purdue and Tyler from here on out this season. Boiler Up! Hammer Down!

- Sometimes I wonder if Petros Papadakis sweats out mayonnaise.

- Kevin Sumlin and Gary Patterson have the exact same record coaching in Power 5 conferences. 54-31. Use this for your own informational purposes.

Rivalry Game of the Week

Two games worth mentioning before we get to the WLOCP. Notre Dame and Navy deserve mentioning since they own the second longest uninterrupted streak of playing football at 91 games, having faced off every single year since 1927. Also I would encourage you to tune into CBS Sports Network on Friday night late for the Border War between Colorado State and Wyoming. This will mark the 110th meeting and they have a cool tradition involving the trophy, the Bronze Boot.

However, this weekend I have to shine the rivalry spotlight on the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party between Florida and Georgia played in Jacksonville, DUUUUUUVVVVAAAAAALLL county. These two teams have played 95 or 96 times depending on which school you ask, because just like any rivalry worth it’s salt, they refuse to agree on something petty like when the series started. Georgia holds an 8 game lead in the series, however the last 30 years have largely been dominated by the Gators, who have won 21 of those meetings. Back in the mid 90’s the series briefly went to a home-and-home while the Jaguars rebuilt their stadium in Jacksonville. That’s when Steve Spurrier famously “hung half a hundred between the hedges” in Athens. It remains the most points ever given up by Georgia in their home stadium. God Bless you HBC. As has been the case numerous times, this game will have major implications for the SEC East champion, and the road to Atlanta for both teams hinges on the outcome of this game. Kirby Smart played in the game as a Bulldog, and Dan Mullen was the offensive coordinator at Florida during the Gator Stomp back in 2007. So these two coaches are very familiar with the brand of hate this game brings out, and it should be a classic on Saturday afternoon.

Food Fight

It’s going to be a beautiful fall Saturday across the great State of Texas, so let’s fire up the grill and cook some burgers for a Saturday evening game. Burgers are great because the prep time is minimal (more time for beers and watching afternoon games) and the cook time is nice and short, but it still allows you to spend time around the grill drinking beers with buddies without the wife nagging you about it. Instead of making your own patties, head up to your local butcher chop and have them prepare some for you. Season them up with salt, pepper, and some garlic salt. Maybe even a couple of shakes of lemon pepper and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Have all the normal condiments laid out for guests, your lettuce, purple onion, pickles, and tomatoes. I prefer mustard, but to each their own on condiment of choice for their burger. Don’t get crappy processed cheese either. Buy some nice sharp cheddar or Swiss to throw on the burgers. And don’t forget to lightly toast the buns. It’ll help the bun soak up any juices and helps it not become a wet blob of bread. Serve with some various options for potato chips. (I personally prefer the Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles) Pair it up with some ice cold Pilsner Urquell. Let’s Beat the Hell Outta CLANGA!