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Daily Bull 10.23.18: For Whom The QB Woes Toll

SPOILER: it’s not us for once

Mississippi State v Texas A&M Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, monsters. Let’s torch through some news.

FINISH THEM. Mississippi State is dazed and reeling, a long spool of blood dangling from their face as they squint through puffy eyes at the twin hammerblows of Braden Mann and Jace Sternberger that are poised to give them their next flurry of pummeling. They’ve lost three of their last four games and have struggled offensively in conference play. This is the point in the season where they regroup and come out and completely dominate a vastly over-ranked A&M squad. Only this isn’t 2014 or 2016. Time for the new sheriff in town to show that he’s a marked improvement. It’s fine if Mississippi State wants to finish strong and go to a decent bowl. Just not beginning this Saturday.

MOND HOW YOU GO. Folks, do you know what that strange, quiet sensation emanating from the Bright Complex is? Probably not, because it’s almost completely unfamiliar. It’s called “Lack of Drama From the QB Position,” and it’s a new condition that believe it or not is not wholly uncommon in college football. Embrace it. Learn to live with it.

AIR WOES. Woof. That’s the sound a BULLDAWG makes, and also the approximate feeling surrounding Mississippi State’s atrocious passing game, which ranks dead last in the SEC. In four conference games, Nick Fitzgerald has surpassed 100 passing yards only once. He’s got six interceptions and no TDs in their three losses. The bottom feeder passing game against a very iffy pass defense? This is a match made in heaven. Someone has to look good out there on Saturday. Why not us?


ohhh yes