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Daily Bull 10.2.18: What’s a Kentucky Football?

Catching up on this week’s news out of Lexington

Louisiana Monroe v Kentucky Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

Morning. Today is all about our opponent this week: undefeated and #13 Kentucky.

KASH TARGETS. We know all about this one, huh? Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is going to be minus his starting middle linebacker on Saturday after an ejection in the second half against South Carolina. Stoops announced yesterday he would “not appeal” and “supported decision on field” in his most robotic, reading-off-the-index-card voice.

ACT LIKE YA BEEN THERE BEFORE, SEE? Oh boy. God forbid college football fans have fun when their team gets a big win. Apparently Kentucky got fined six figures for rushing the field after knocking off Mississippi State. ANYHOO, rewind 65+ years to the last time Kentucky football came to Kyle Field and you’ve got quite a different scenario:

{ticking teletype noise, nasally newsbarker voice}

“When this exciting, wide-open tussle ended, the corps of 6,000 cadets at this military school flooded from the stands,” Courier Journal staff writer Larry Boeck reported in the Oct. 5, 1952 edition of the newspaper. “In a moving gesture of sportsmanship, they carried the victorious Wildcats from the field on their shoulders.”

The gesture, a Texas A&M tradition at the time, was not lost on UK players either.

“The cheering by the students was so great that it inspired most of the UK players to play great football,” Kentucky defensive lineman Frank Fuller told the Kentucky Kernel, UK’s student newspaper.

Now that’s what I call fucking CLASS, ladies & gents. Let’s smother ‘em with courtesy yet again, except maybe this time we could try to win.

PURE MATCHUP HELL. Y’all know how the Ags have been giving up a whole bunch of sacks and have been getting tackled behind the line and generally just not doing so hot at times? Well, turns out Kentucky’s got one of the best players in the country at wreaking havoc in the backfield. I’m sure this will all be fine, Jim Turner watched himself plenty of OL footage on Jerry’s big TV, it’s going to be fine, all fine.*

*we all know it may not actually be fine, but it’s OK to pretend, this is just a game, right...?

1998 music video of the day

In honor of this week’s special uniforms, here’s a reminder of what 1998 was like. Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin made a song and video together. Give us your detailed analysis in the comments.