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The Daily Bull Has Been Sacked by Von Miller


AT&T Cotton Bowl - LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Happy Friday, ladies and gents. We hope you enjoyed a pleasant bye week and were able to fill it with all the meaningful pleasantries that help enrich your life—

Yeah but

OK, however that’s not why I got on Twitter—

Oooh yeahh, that’s the good shit.

Hey, look. We want to renew the rivalry as much as anyone else, but there’s eight whole months of offseason to run rampant with chatterpieces and dissertations on why bringing the game back is a good thing. The middle of the very brief and full football season is not ideal. More #memes and less #schemes OK?

It’s been a very hectic seven games so far. We lost the ones we kinda expected to lose, looked pretty good in one of those losses. We won the games we were supposed to win, but looked vulnerable at times. This is shaping up to be a really fun end to the year, and if the way Jimbo’s teams have been finishing strong in games is a microcosm indicator of their ability to close out a season, we’re in for a treat. Enjoy a full day of ball tomorrow without all the angst associated with watching the Ags.

HERE’S WHAT WE’RE ALL GONNA DO THIS WEEKEND: TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. In the manner of Von Miller, seen here with the sack, strip, and chasing the dang ball all the way across the field to recover the fumble.

{adjust spectacles}

Wait is that— is that former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, who led one of the most vicious and historic comebacks in college football history against Texas A&M last year?



YESSSSSS, thank you.

Have a great Friday, all.