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2018-2019: Aggies in the NBA

Our presence in the NBA is slowly growing, with up to nine Aggies attempting to ply their trade in The Association as the preseason wound to a close.

NBA: Preseason-Beijing Ducks at Dallas Mavericks Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Y’all, we had Aggies all over the place in the NBA Preseason

Let’s pick through the results ahead of the NBA’s Opening Night

Tyler Davis (PF/C; Oklahoma City)

I’ll be honest - I had my doubts about Davis leaving early. And a few years ago, I may have been proven correct. But the NBA’s relatively new “two-way” deals make the NBA fringe larger than it used to be, and Davis took advantage by grabbing the last spot OKC had to offer.

Davis gave us three extraordinarily good seasons, and this news renders his early departure an unequivocal success. We wish him nothing but the best.

Robert Williams (PF/C; Boston)

After his late first-found selection by the Boston Celtics, Williams… didn’t exactly have the greatest start to his NBA career. He missed his introductory conference call because he overslept and then missed the first day of summer league practice after he didn’t make his flight. Thankfully the off-court issues have calmed down, and Williams has since endeared himself to the Boston faithful. He’ll likely spend time in both the NBA and the G-League, but that’s mostly a function of his situation - AKA his team is really dang good and does not need immediate help.

Alex Caruso (PG; Los Angeles Lakers)

Caruso had a really nice stretch for the Lakers during the latter portion of last season, and is something of a cult hero among the fanbase… but I fear his playing time might be impacted by the arrival of one Lebron James. Caruso is safely locked down in another two-way contract, but the path to point guard playing time just became impossibly difficult.

Khris Middleton (SF; Milwaukee Bucks)

Middleton has flourished in Milwaukee, embedding himself as a legitimate above-average starting wingman in the NBA. He played all 82 games for the Bucks in 2017-2018, clearing 20 PPG for the first time in his career and narrowly missing the Top Ten in last year’s ECF frontcourt All-Star voting. In a world where pace, space and 30-foot bombs carry the day; Middleton has carved out a really nice living in that forgotten world a few steps inside the arc.

DeAndre Jordan (C; Dallas Mavericks)

Jordan and Luka Doncic appear to be destined for a really entertaining season. Jordan is a pick-and-roll specialist in a league that’s increasingly built on specialization, and early results indicate he’s about to start a relationship with the best young interior passer the league has seen in years. Jordan is a really fun, gregarious personality, and he has carried the torch for Texas A&M in the NBA for years. Even as a Rockets fan, I have no choice but to wish him well in his new digs.

Late Cuts

Unfortunately, the NBA hammer fell for a few of our preseason hopefuls:


Tomorrow, the Ags send Billy Kennedy, TJ Starks, and Admon Gilder to SEC Basketball Media Days in Birmingham, Alabama. We’ll keep you posted, and together we can survive BYE gameweek.

BTHO Everyone