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POST GAME THOUGHTS: Texas A&M hangs on to beat South Carolina 26-23


Texas A&M v South Carolina e3Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

WOO BUDDY. There’s a lot to unpack with this game. Lots of good, a healthy amount of bad. But before we break it down too much, let’s take a moment to realize that we’re 5-2 right now. We’ve won three straight SEC games, and we’re one win away from being bowl eligible. This team isn’t perfect by any stroke of the imagination, but they’re pretty dang good. Let’s make this easy and break this down into good and bad.


Kellen Mond had himself a game. Yes, he struggled seeing open receivers at times, but let’s be frank here, he only has two reliable receivers to throw to. Mond finished the game 25/37 for 353 yards with 1 TD and no INTs. Coming into this game, he needed to clean up the turnovers, and he did exactly that. Solid day for him.

Speaking of WRs, we know that Sternberger is a weapon in the passing game, and someone who Mond trusts. This was proven today with him having 7 catches for 145 yards including one where he dragged half the South Carolina defense down the field. But Quartney Davis was a pleasant surprise with 9 catches for 127. I’m telling you, Kellen would look so much better if he could just get 2-3 WRs to be consistent and get off the line of scrimmage consistently. It appears that today we had that.

The run defense did what they do. 18 rushes for 76 yards. Not bad at all. Additionally, the specialists had themselves a game with Seth Small going 4/5 and Braden heisMann averaging 52 yards a punt.


This secondary is an issue. Debione Renfro going out didnt help anything and Myles Jones struggled all game long. I dont know what else to say there. We only gave up 223 passing yards, but coverage just seemed atrocious.

Let’s talk briefly about Donovan Wilson. I love Dono. But this is, what, three games where he’s gotten ejected for targeting? He’s gotta clean that up because dammit he’s too damn valuable to this team. I’m terrified of starting that game against Miss State without the best tackler we have in the secondary. Today’s targeting penalty was so damn unnecessary. Just so unnecessary. He’s gotta be better than that.

The OL struggled. I dont know how good South Carolina’s DL is but they had us on skates all game long.

Last but not least, I thought our redzone play calling was meh at best. Not nearly enough dedication to getting the ball to 5 or 7 with a short field.


Perfect time for the bye week. We are not perfect but I think we are playing above our capabilities. I think. I’m not sure. You’ll have to tell me in the comments. I like where this team is headed and I really like the overall make up of the squad.

It’s difficult to get used to a team winning with a run focused ball control offense and a solid run defense, but that’s where we are and that’s who we are. So far we’re doing pretty well with it.

BTHO miss state