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Your monument to this epic rivalry has finally been completed

Mt. Rushmore Closed Due To Government Shutdown Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Just putting a bow on RIVALRY WEEK around here, and what better way to cap it off than with the biggest cliche of sports blogs: Mount Rushmore. Let’s get down and dirty. Here are the top four Texas A&M-South Carolina games of ALL. TIME.

2015: Aggies 35, Cocks 28

The Halloween morning game! Who can forget the plucky young QB getting the start? Kyler Murray definitely isn’t still playing football and most certainly isn’t having a stellar season with another team, nope. Donovan Wilson had a beauty of a pick six in this outing, so we’re incredibly lucky to have a tangible link to this historic game still active in this week’s affair. What a shootout!

2016: Aggies 24, Cocks 13

This game ended as about 45% of all Will Muschamp-coached games do: with a score of 24-13. Trevor Knight and the crew slogged through a tough road win to kick off October and defend a top-ten ranking before heading back to Kyle to face an epic showdown with fellow top-ten Tennessee the following week.

2017: Aggies 24, Cocks 17

Who can forget this underrated thriller? Mond had his coming out party in the rushing game, notching almost 100 yards on the ground. Keith Ford chipped in a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns to complete the dramatic comeback. Welcome back to College Station indeed, Mr. Muschamp.

2014: Aggies 52, Cocks 28

A Trill is born. This beauty was the inaugural game broadcast on the historic SEC Network. Everyone was wondering just how the Ags would fare in the post-Manziel era and the answer was beautiful. At least for about six weeks or so.

Did we leave any out? What are your four favorite A&M-South Carolina games of all time?