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Scattershooting our historic rivalry, fall weather, and how to bet Bama

How bout some cocks and sausage talk

Missouri v South Carolina Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Maurice Morris...

- I’m old enough to remember the first time we played South Carolina. I can remember what it felt like to get that first win, all these years later. I could tell you some crazy stories about what it used to be like for South Carolina week at A&M...there were chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze. Just a special time on campus. A buzz in the air because everyone KNEW this game meant more. Sure, Alabama and Ole Miss are fun conference games, but this is the one game where you know everything is on the line. Bragging rights for the next 365 days. How many families are split down the middle between Gamecocks and Aggies? This is why we love this sport. And these types of rivalry games will always be there because they mean too much to be taken away from us. Right?

- Quick gambling note, Alabama is now 6-0 versus the first half spread. With this offense, they are going to score a ton of points early in games, take big first half leads, and then rest starters all through the second half. If you want to make some money on the Tide, but don’t like paying the heavy jacked up “tax” of the massive game spreads (Alabama is 3-3 vs full game line), check out those first half spreads. Remember, it’s all about cashing those tickets kiddos.

- Why does David Pollack sound like a 36 year old NARC trying to fit in with 25 year old dudes trying to sell some weed behind the Kwik-E-Mart? Please stop saying things like “they got dis” and “they for real bangin”. It just feels so forced.

- So LSU has 4 of their last 6 games against ranked opponents, including Georgia and Alabama. DACOACHO GON KEYDAT REZUHMAY REDDY!!

- Gang, we’re finally getting a small taste of “not Texas death heat” this week. I can open that drawer in my closet labeled “sleeves and pants”. Fall football weather is my life force.

Rivalry Game of the Week

We’re taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest this week for the Washington-Oregon tilt in the Pac-12. This particular edition of the rivalry also has a chance to be the best game of this weekend. Both teams are ranked in the Top 25, and Washington is clinging to its slim hopes of making the CFB Playoffs if it can win out. Oregon needs the win at home to keep alive it’s chances of representing the Pac-12 North in the conference championship game. This will be the 111th time these two teams have met with Washington holding a 15 game advantage in the series. And although Washington has taken the last two years by a combined score of 108-24, the previous 12 straight meetings had been won by the Ducks. And as with any good rivalry, you have names like “The Border War” and “Hate Week” attached to this game. For a little more info, here’s a short video to delve into the background.

Food Fight

We’ve got a Saturday afternoon road game, and hey, open a window and let some of that cool air blow through the living room! That first taste of cooler air in October always pairs up perfectly with a Saturday full of college football on TV. So let’s break out some Oktober style food. Let’s throw together a party platter of sausage, cheese, pickles, mustard, and pretzels. Bavaria! Head to your local butcher or HEB market and gather up some assortments of sausage. Grill up some Opa’s brats, Slovacek garlic sausage, and any other links you prefer. My personal preference is some nice venison sausage with a little leaner flavor. Grab some summer sausage to cut up and add to the platter as well.

When it comes to cheese with sausage, I always need an extra-sharp cheddar, and some good old red-rind “hiney binder” from the butcher shop. A nice third option is some gruyere. I also like an assortment of pickles, some Claussen kosher spears, spicy baby dills, etc. All you need now is some pretzels, crackers, and 3-4 different flavors of mustard. Grey Poupon, spicy brown, and fresh horseradish.

There are hundreds of fall beer offerings now with pumpkin spice ale, Oktoberfest offerings, etc. But let’s just go with a solid dunkel. How about Weihenstephaner Traditional Dunkel. Enjoy the weather this weekend, cook some brats, and knock back some dunkel. And lets Beat The Hell Outta south carolina!!