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Watch: Jimbo Fisher’s Weekly Press Conference (Jhamon Ausbon injury, Tyrel Dodson facemask grab)

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas A&M Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve included the auto-generated transcript here which may be hilariously bad. I’d go through and fix it up, but honestly, who has the time?

Unedited Auto-Generated Unhelpful Transcript

okay sound level all right in the back

we’ve got thumbs up ready coach whatever

you are after evaluating the film great

job our team coming out with a victory

in the game you know every time you play

a rivalry game in an SEC game those are

big games and very important to come out

on top and those things you know as we

look at all the different phases of the

game really you know challenged our team

to start quickly with immediacy and we

did that got a great return got a great

three-and-out scored on offense a first

Drive got up did a great job have good

intensity in the game we did and I think

play with and then have great

intelligence and consistence in the game

and that’s where at times more on

offense and defense that we didn’t play

with enough consistency at times with a

silly penalty here in our mistake with

the ball had some opportunities and all

in all three phases that we could have

done a little better but we’re still

progressing I still like the way we’re

progressing I just hope we can try to

keep going a little faster and learn

when you get someone down not to give

them hope again try to stay on top of

them to where you’re you can

relentlessly stay on top and we did that

at times but then it was very critical

in the game we lost momentum in the game

a couple times but our defense did a

tremendous job I thought of coming in

after turnovers sudden change mainly

getting three announced and the defense

had seven three announced in the game

did a great job I gave up a couple

drives one of 17 nothin and 24 10 but at

the end of the game then come back and

do a tremendous job of getting a

turnover in two minute to be able to

preserve the victory and did a great job

played the run very well real big-time

running efficiency and what we did get

off the field on third down really well

did a great job in either offensively

again started well and had probably

eight or ten runs that were six eight

yard runs where were just inches from

coming to be big big place I’m talking

about you look at the film I mean really

close in some areas you just got to keep

finding those inches I said we’re always

fighting for those inches but prior

offense and then we continually move the

football you know did a great job in two

minutes before the half going down and

getting a situation to where we could

have a chance for a field going force

when we missed it but then the third

quarter they did a great job in the

third quarter kept us bottled up but in

the fourth quarter we come back and had

two really good drives come down one

missed a field goal another one scored a

touchdown and hopefully we could have we

missed a block on one play because it

got the ball I wish we could have ran it

out in the last four minutes and not

give it back to them we got one first

down we needed to and we got to do a

better job than that we’ll keep growing

it out there special teams it was great

to get started off and

call for term you say JSON that was a

huge return to start the game off 100

yards you see his talent what we’ve been

talking about and the blocks came

together some really nice blocks in that

play and some guys that got tripped up

and did some second efforts I mean Riley

garner got tripped on a play and then 12

end up taking both his guys out and the

guy got up and get Riley jumped up said

a wall got off the ground and we

shielded that guy Larry Pryor on a

double-team they banged it and then it

come off and the guy was coming off and

he hustled back and got in between that

guy and that was just seemed that

jaysean hit I mean not only good blocks

all the way around the board but just

extra I mean efforts that you love to

see when you’re watching the film you

know it’s not extra efforts it’s just

things that you need to do and proud of

how hard they played the way they

competed in the game the things in that

right now we got to clean up the kicks I

mean Seth hit one he missed two just

just fun to monk I get back to fund the

most he’s a really good kicker and he

hit the ball very well it sounded was

just he just pushed it just a hair

hooked went on what he did but he’s

gonna be a really good player in that

regard I thought our punter Braden was

outstanding again the last Ponte cada so

he’s trying not to kick it out that’s

that’s alright kick it on back there and

kick it just a hair short that was the

one that was just a hair but I mean he

got unlucky on one one involves a hit on

the 9 yard line about that far in it

happened to roll in we could had another

one down the inside the one and he’s

doing a really nice job in that regard

punt returns their punter hit we would

like to get some more upon returning but

he had a couple punts 4.6 4.7 hang and

got him up there and it’s just hard to

return when a guy gets it like that we

got to do a better job in last scrimmage

oh we still turned a couple guys we

could have blocked better on the gunner

give him a little more room to catch the

ball and a couple things there but

overall and the special teams I love I

like our progress our guys attitude in

that way and our kickers and punters are

doing a good job you know when snappers

fried fry I mean I was right to you you

always say you’ll never mention the

snapper to have a bad one and you know

he just constantly just puts balls where

they need to be one that was just a hair

off but that guy’s a guy’s money now he

does a great job so we’re continuing to

grow an answer overall you know it was a

good game as a win we got to progress in

some areas like I say and learn to get

ahead and play from a head learn to play

you know when you’re a head and you and

you have control the game learned to as

I say take the hope of the other team

away just keep that constant pressure in

execution where you’re pressuring them

that they know if they don’t execute

something can happen that’s how you make

people make mistakes and we got to get

better at that and what we got to do

that’s part of our growing and the

things we are but you know overall is

great to play in Dallas that’s a great

venue to be able to go up there and have

a rivalry game in that and that

Stadium and what goes on is not a better

place in the world to play and it’s

great for our fans up there the recruits

up there everything in that area Dallas

is such an important area to us and you

know it’s a great it’s not too far away

that everybody can go up there and see

and happy to go up there and hopefully

keep that thing going and what we’re

trying to go so we get ready for a

Kentucky team this week who is playing

extremely well I mean they can run the

football snail the running back I’m

nursing a guy can take one yard run look

like a 1 yard run and all of a sudden

it’s eight their life ends line does a

great job inside blocking he finds holes

Wiggles and all of a sudden boom he’s

out there for a big play I mean just

constantly just competing and how he

makes yards and what he does the

quarterbacks very dynamic and explosive

you have to keep leverage on him he can

run hey you think you get caught up in

that run game and they throw the deep

ball over your head the passing game

they do what they have to understand

what their team is and what they’re

doing defensively play outstanding

defense a 41 is just one heck of a

player I mean he’s athletic and just he

can run he can play the pass run and

drop there’s nothing they can do 31 the

other end does a great job and they have

a ton when you research this team

there’s a ton of fourth and fifth year

players on this team the guys have been

a lot of games been a lot of battles

know how to play know their assignments

don’t make mistakes

play to each other the defense the

offense the inside back of 34 is

athletic as heck can run 56 is physical

tackles downhill 25 comes down in the

box of two corners can cover like crazy

six and eight seven is a great nickel

and and safety in that regard so I mean

they’re sound all the way called they

don’t beat themselves they take care of

the ball they run it they they play to

each other the offense and defense that

they kick the ball well and marks don’t

heckle that’s not know mark was my

defense coordinator at Florida State he

is one heck of a football coach comes

from a great family of football coaches

and knows how to win knows how to play

and it was a great job with that with

that team has built a heck of a team and

you got a very experienced team when

you’re in force and 50 or even 150

redshirt 50 or guys those guys don’t

make many mistakes in what they do so

it’s gonna be a really challenging there

and then on top of that they’re playing

with a lot of confidence and playing

very well so we’ll have our hands full

we need to get better fix our fix the

issues of which we have is continue to

grow as a team and hopefully play a

great game this weekend questions gate

at Jimbo nm lost a truly great player

Cristian Kirk awful last year’s team

it’s hard to replace that guy you got to

replace him by committee or village to

replace them and we

Buckley into slot with corporate and

kick returner and Paul at punt returner

how do you like the way those guys are

doing right now I mean I think Paul’s

catching the ball very well he made some

tough catches that they actually got

bumped on one you know in there but he’s

doing a good job and that’s hard to

fight if you ain’t done it and the way

those rules are now used to have to have

a little halo rule you don’t have that

no more that’s tough catching those

punts that’s he does a good job

Corbin you see his talent level you mean

you see this guy’s gonna grow and you’re

just gonna expand and we got to get him

more on offense too because he can catch

it he can run it I mean he can do

everything this guy’s a really good

player and you say yeah Buckley in the

slot Buckley made big plays him he made

some really critic kind of big catching

that second down in the fourth quarter

you know made some nice plays buck he’s

really playing good football for us at

critical times but that shows you how

great a player Christian Kirk was I mean

it takes a lot of guys but these guys in

their role are definitely doing that and

they’re playing good we’re getting

they’re getting better each week

go to the left cease and then to the

back Jake you better give you gave us a

response afterwards about grabbing the

face man and there was a lot of response

and some people now think that more of

it maybe or that they have an apology

just wondered looking back do you regret


that’s not was trying to get a young

man’s intentions all we were doing I

didn’t grab it I didn’t jerk it and to

keep him from trying to make it was an

emotional football is an emotional game

he was caught up in the emotions the

game I’m trying to get him a shook up

lift he and I have a relationship that’s

second to none we he’s my unity kettle’s

a guy he’s the guys in my office once or

twice a week as I discussed problems

with our team we were going to do things

and he understood exactly because I told

him us I can’t lose you you’re our team

leader you’re our team captain you’re

our leading tackler you’re our I mean

you call the signals you do everything

and I was just trying to get his

attention to get his attention to keep

him back in the game and not make a

critical mistake and lose him in the

game you know in a second I was not

trying to berate him and if you look at

the film when I did it I pushed him I

tapped him right on head now say now we

can’t have you out of here buddy we got

to keep you in this game when we go and

I turn and walked away

and he understood that and that’s what’s

exactly what it was and all it was to

the right Jake you know you have that

history with coach stoops but are you

surprised at all maybe how good Kentucky

has become this year no 15 I know what

kind of codes I know 80 grams on his

staff has gotten him Dean peas I must

have the line coach has done an

outstanding job I mean their whole staff

I mean they’ve got great coaches I know

I’m very well listen if you’re around


Mark’s a winner he coaches he plays that

guy lives eating Brees football he does

a great job and it does not surprise me

one bit

second row Ben first off any update on

Jomon and no Jomon had surgery on his

foot he broke that a little fifth man

that outside bone he’ll be out for a

little while I can’t this depends on how

he heals Ben I don’t you know it could

be three or four weeks could be sad just

on how the bone heals you know and how

big of a test will Benny be for this

rush defense and he’ll what are you what

do you make of the rush the offense so

far this year of ours you mean yes I

think we’re playing the run really well

that’s one of the things in that game I

thought we did an excellent job of of

making that you know Russian and a rush

defense and that’s going to start with

that we’re going to have to we’re gonna

get challenged because I’m not guy said

before it’s not when there’s no yards

there and you look down you say well we

got him a second five second time I mean

I’ve never seen a guy that can wiggle

and and I that for a lack of a better

time he reminds me the way Emmitt used

to run

I mean Emmitt had two big plays and we

did all that but em it made yards on

everything he did you know I’m saying I

mean back in the day and you really

watched him you think when they got him

at the end the day to have 25 carries

for about 160 where did that come from I

mean it’s just constantly moving the

chains and he run any strong he’s

powerful and all of a sudden he breaks

out he’s a very patient and he finds

space in places there aren’t spaces or

shouldn’t be you know I’m saying and

it’s gonna be a huge challenge and we’re

playing the run very well so it’s gonna

be you know we’re gonna have to really

tighten it down and tighten those screws

to make sure cuz he and then all of a

sudden the quarterbacks dynamic so you

can’t forget that and totally commit

there because he’s so explosive and how

he moves their growth suzanne is it more

that you all faced two really good teams

well no I mean when you play some of

those teams and we were behind and one

of those game we got behind in both

those games and we had success because

both those teams do a great job of

trying to stop the run but you know in

the Clemson game we had so much success

we threw it for 430 yards so we know we


offer that we were having success

Alabama challenges you in so many

different ways and like I said we ran it

with the quarterback in the Alabama game

we still ran for about a hundred 70 or

standpoint you have to do that to block

some people so but no I’m not do we

always can we run better yes I mean you

can always like I said there there was

seven eight nine runs in this game that

were I mean just an inch two inches

three inches from really being big-time

plays that you constantly got to fight

for and get those inches but we’re

always trying to improve the run by I

like the way we’re running the ball and

we got to continue to get better at it

but and treyvion’s got to get his

touches no doubt so the front left

Travis and then Nolan she talked a lot

about how Kellen Mon has been doing good

making the run checks of line what have

you seen in Dotson and a lack of making

some of those checks on defense the help

that runs that’s so vital those guys I

mean seeing it getting us in and out of

the right calls the Blitz is the checks

and the form what you don’t realize

formation recognition I mean you know

defense your formation recognition you

know tendencies those guys can call out

plays a lot of times before they’re out

there that’s why Dotson and like of

those guys that experience yeah they’re

so valuable to us they’re so valuable I

mean they’re like having coordinators on

the field and those guys know it so well

and what to call and how to do it and

and they’re a key to everything that’s

going I mean our our interior guys are

playing great I mean matter bouquet and

Mac and Mac max he playing this tale of

matter bouquet you saw that key Kingsley

is I mean the pressure and the things

those guys are doing inside but those

guys still set it all up they make the

calls they get you in the right you know

make the check make there whatever you

know if there’s two or three calls on

defense to get you into the right

coverage and it’s huge and they’re doing

a tremendous job tremendous job second

rows there Olin then Brett did he come

take a step back last week and no I

don’t think he did I think he the first

row was a poor throw he just threw the

ball behind him and secondly tried to

press but he made some plays but I love

the way played in the fourth quarter he

managed the game got us down there and

playing started away he started off you

just got a there’s times in


you make enough decisions in plays

you’re gonna have that and part of

growing is saying okay you made those

place how you responding from it and he

did a great job or responding right back

after he made those plays and let us

back down to some points be right you

know like I say two-minute before half

get an excellent job by responding right

there did an excellent job in the fourth

quarter on to Big Time drives taking us

down even those little bubble throws

those pulling those bubbles those are

like options outside

the throw then the big plate of 14

coming underneath which is a third or

fourth outlet on the play that he got

Deb Buckley they got him down there to

score you know and still check and he

didn’t lose his poise the thing I love

about what he does even if he makes

mistakes he come over what happened I

threw the ball behind he made a poor

throw the other one I forced it I got

greedy I saw it I should have stolen it

away and kicked a field I mean he can

tell you those things so I mean there’s

parts of growing that we don’t always

play right but as a coach you liked how

they respond back from it and how they

communicate and the look in their eye

when it’s going so from that standpoint

that’s all part of his growth he’ll

front I have no I don’t read all that

this and that’s their opinion and that’s

there’s nothing wrong with that that’s

that’s III respect that totally I mean

within the context of what was happening

there’s different scenarios that happen

like I said and that’s what I like I

said explained before that’s the reason

doing it I didn’t make it and he and I

have a great relationship and he and I

are tremendous we talked about it right

then it was wonderful third growth

Suzanne now I would never with Bob on a

game day but in regard that they’re both

really good coaches I think that yes her

boobs really good coaches and they love

ball and have a lot of passion for it

but that whole family him and Mike to

all those brothers men they’re all good

coaches they come their dad was a great

coach great high school coach so and

there’s no doubt they’re they’re all off

that off that same linear line man that

that their bloodline that’s for sure

they love it the right side game coach

with osman al right now and you lost

Chapman a little bit earlier where were

you what’s your confidence level and has

Jones and who else is battling that has

come in did a great job he come in had

four nice catches and it had three I’m

in that two minute drive before the half

he stepped in and we felt very calm with

his he’s practice well so ready for him

to step up and some of those other guys

we know we had to move some guys here

and there to help compensate things but

you know it’ll be a be good yeah he’s

learning his East

he’s gonna be a heck of a player that’s

not love Jalen Preston just is he’s

learning all what we’re doing and how

we’re doing he’s gonna be a great player

go Olin Ben and then Brent I know you’ll

want a lot of big home games when you’re

at LSU and obviously the Florida State

my question is do you really believe

that a home-field advantage can really

influence or how much can it influence a

a game as far as winning and losing and

I asked that because it’s been a long

time around here since Ames had a big

home win well I hope so

I mean I hope it does I mean the

atmosphere environment I think if you

look at I know one thing you look at a

lot of people’s numbers they play a lot

better at home they do on the road I

mean and good teams play good everywhere

you have there’s certain teams that play

good everywhere doesn’t matter but I

definitely do I think and be a huge

advantage playing here and this fan fan

base and you’re in your own environment

your atmosphere and here in town and and

learning how to do that and I think the

big thing is not playing home but you

still got to go in that Stadium and play

well that’s the key we got to go play

well hang a robe in and then Brett do

you have an ideal a number of snaps you

want your team to run defense if we

forget how often they want to peel

what’s your following defense a

defensible yeah what’s your what’s your

five I mean as few as possible and now I

don’t have an idea I mean you try to

keep it down but we do two on offense

you know there’s a time when you got to

slow the game down you got to control

the tempo of the game and you got to not

just you know going fast is one thing

but you can expose your defense to that

too and there’s not an ideal number but

if you can keep that in the 50s and 60s

boy you’re doing a great job how tough

is that been as you’ve tried to kind of

oh it’s always tough because you know

you want to score points you want to be

aggressive at the same time trying to

control tempo of the game and it just it

also depends men on the game how they

flow of that game is going you know I

mean sometimes you can’t worry about

that you got to go get the points when

they’re there and which is most of the

time I mean it’s hard to say

well I’m slowing it down not try to

score you’re never not trying to score

don’t don’t ever get me wrong but you

know sometimes you got to give him a

little break and hopefully getting some

runs and get those guys but the good

thing when they get seven three and outs

they’re usually pretty fresh on the

sidelines like they were last week

Brent you wrap us up we got Kalyn mom

coming just a few minutes no not one bit

hey how’d you know I got 22 where’d that

come from how’d you know you got 22

asking historical it brought it up in

the precinct all right now he could I’ve

said that all along it’s one of the

reasons I love Gilley he can run

I mean you watched him on that heating

when the ball in his hand and him

running he’s learning to be a fullback

he made a really nice block on our short

yards on a third one he hit a backroom

knocked him up out there and but he you

know he missed the block or two but he’s

learning how to play he’s never played

over there for a long time

but when that balls in his hand his

abode to run as a running back and catch

the foot and has really good ball I mean

catches the ball extremely well he’s a

talented guy no I can i it was kind of

shot me as I watched him practice and

I’m watching him running and whistle

right Wow I mean oh I mean he caught my

own practice I said that guy can run I

said I don’t mind and then he started

goofing around catching the ball and I

said that’s where I got the idea of

putting him on offense catch the ball

the backfield he’s a big guy teaching

amount of block but if you have to hand

him the ball you know you split backs or

other things to be able to do you know

he’s a guy that can make some not just

short runs long runs and you know he

could then surprise me a bit after

watching him practice that’s what caught

my eye last spring all right coach thank

you good