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Brian Williams commits to Texas A&M

He’s been everywhere, man.

Meet The Press Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

College football recruiting is an ever-evolving world, with coaches constantly trying whatever will attract the top talent to their university and help bolster their football program. While this normally only extends to signing football players, Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher took a bold step on Sunday, offering a scholarship and receiving a verbal commitment from omnipresent former NBC News Anchor Brian Williams.

The staff here at Good Bull Hunting was surprised to say the least when we heard the news of Williams’ commitment. Given the Aggies’ more pressing needs in the defensive secondary, it’s surprising to see them spend an athletic scholarship on the 58-year-old newsman. But in a world where college football programs have DJs, barber shops, waterfalls and slides, is a full-time on-staff news anchor really all that far fetched? Not if you’ve done your research.

In an exclusive sit-down interview, Brian Williams detailed his extensive first-hand accounts of Aggie history.

Branding of Bevo (1917)

An up-and-coming Williams, looking to document the heated nature of college football rivalries in Texas, stumbled into one of the iconic moments in Aggie/Longhorn rivalry history.

National Championship Season (1939)

Williams was an embedded reporter with Homer Norton’s famed 1939 Aggie squad, the last to bring a national championship back to College Station.

‘We’ve Never Been Licked’ (1943)

You probably missed it, but Brian Williams can be seen as an extra in several scenes of this 1943 cult classic.

The frontlines with General Patton (1945)

Patton’s famous “handful of Texas Aggies” quote first appeared in a wire story submitted by Williams under the pen name “Clayton Hendenfels, Sr.”

Texas A&M admits women (1963)

Earl Rudder made many controversial decisions during his time at A&M, none more so than to have this unknown reporter sitting behind him during his speeches.

Corps member draws sword (1981)

An anonymous member of the press was overheard screaming “get ‘em Greg!”

Big 12 Championship Game (1998)

If you’re confused as to why you never heard about Williams being on the sideline for this game, you must have been listening to the Dave South broadcast.

The List Eater (2004)

Being on hand for one of the more unbelievable moments in Aggie internet history only to be scooped by a young Aubrey Bloom and his potato camera was a real low point for Williams.

Scooby Football (2012)

OK Brian this one is a little creepy.

Jimbo Fisher press conference (2017)

Jimbo laughed it off but the tearful 20-minute monologue was really inappropriate

Despite first attending college in the 1970s, we’re told Williams can play immediately in the fall of 2019, with a full four years of eligibility remaining. Welcome (back) to Aggieland, Brian!