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Timeless Bull January 2018

Toyota U.S. Grand Prix Snowmass Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Hey, gang. What the hell is shakin’?

[drums fingers on desk]

[does that annoying Golf Prick air golf swing]

Yeah, I know. The Daily Bulls have been... sparse. At best.

I can only speak for me, so here goes - I hit a goddamn wall around the holidays. I don’t know if it’s my transition to fatherhood, the absurdity of the coaching carousel, a loss to Fake Worest, or whatever, but I just had nothing to say. Zero creativity.

This certainly isn’t news, but the internet is a beating in 2018. I wish I possessed the discipline to curate my experience on the internet to 1) become informed and 2) increase my joy.


Instead, I get on Twitter, read shit from people I know will make me agitated, and [spoiler] I get really agitated. Whether it’s the clinically insane takes in the college football world, the endless stream of disposable pointless content for the sake of content, or you know, just general people being angry avatars of people, the whole experience has the very real potential to turn me into an even MORE jaded nihilistic monster. This take almost made me abandon my fandom. I can’t witness more Brooklyn people talking about the nuance of tacos. Clay Travis talking about his “millions” just leaves me feeling rotten about humans in general.

No more of that nonsense. Let’s talk about some fun stuff. I’m not going to rip Aggie Twitter today.


A&M lost a football coach. Whoops. Alright - spin zone - maybe Coach Montgomery was so impressed by the quality of the defensive tackles in College Station that he believed he couldn’t make a meaningful impact. Yep. That’s what I’m rolling with on this Friday.

LET’S TAKE A JOURNEY IN OUR MINDS. Go back five years. The year is 2013. Johnny mania is rolling. Now, tell yourself then that in 2018, Trump will be president, Jimbo Fisher will be A&M’s coach, and this will be a real concept:

Life is a box of chocolates filled with fentanyl nougat.

RIP IN PEACE, WARREN. Not to brag, but I am probably the best skier in Houston, Texas. Growing up, I was always so jacked for Warren Miller’s ski films. The man made the best hype videos for a sport that is near and dear to my heart. Warren passed away this week. A lot of his work is on YouTube and I suggest you check it out. Here is a trailer for the film coming out this year.


Mountains or beach?

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Have a great weekend, guys. BTHO Rock Chalk.