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Scattershooting Week One: Aggie Football collapses, mullets, and hot tubs

Lots to take in here.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at UCLA
I'm rich, bitch!
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College football is fun. That doesn’t mean all college football is fun. The first half Sunday night was really fun. The second half? Not fun. That was something else. That was eating an entire pizza and finding a giant black pubic hair on the last slice. All the joy derived prior to that point was now replaced with an urge to vomit violently. But everyone else around GBH has that game and its awfulness covered, so lets get back to the fun part of college football.

While it may seem strange to us, lets be honest: watching shitty football in a tepid bath of sweat, semen, and chlorinated water is peak New Jersey.

  • A year ago Mike Gundy showed up to fall camp with a hint of a mullet, originally intended to embarrass one of his kids to make better grades or something. But Gundy embraced the look, and now, a year later, this is where we are.

It’s beyond glorious. Gundy is letting his freak flag fly. In a sport where most coaches go out of their way to conform to the norm, its so great to see a dude like Gundy doing his own thing. God Bless that man and his Camaro Cut.

  • I know it’s tough to be an Aggie football fan. After that loss on Saturday night, I really just wanted to spend the rest of the season nude in a sweat lodge in the Sonoran desert, eating peyote buttons, and learning to play Metallica's Ride The Lightning album on some sort of reed instrument. But there's still a lot to enjoy this season. We still have Wednesday #MACtion ahead of us. Betting overs in those 10:00 pm PAC 12 games. Watching Tom Herman's hair line move back and forth like the Arctic Ocean Sea Ice. Don't give up on this season yet, let's just get weird and have fun.