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Choose Your Own Adventure: Texas A&M vs. UCLA Edition

Can you close out a 44-10 lead with 4:08 remaining in the 3rd quarter? Probably!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

WARNING!!! Do not read this post straight through from beginning to end. This post contains many different adventures you can go on in the MASSIVE LEAD PROTECTOR scenario. Your choice may lead to success or disaster. Probably success.

You are responsible for the results because you choose. Remember you cannot go back. A bunch of unlikely mistakes may lead to your firing.

Chapter 1: This is Incredibly Easy

You are standing next to a field with a 34-point lead and 4:08 remaining in the 3rd quarter. You have assembled a masterpiece. The powerful running game you devised is matched only by the intensity of your defense.

Should you run down the play clock before snapping?

  • Yes.
  • No, we should snap the ball quickly because... identity?

Congratulations! You successfully completed the "protect a 34 point lead" scen- ... wait, what? Okay, you have decided not to run down the play clock but there are still many good options ahead.

Your success up to this point has been almost exclusively run-based. Should you continue to focus on running the football?

Congratu- come on. We almost didn’t write anything beyond this point.

Ugh. You've chosen to pass for some reason, your quarterback has been injured, and the backup is completing passes at a 30% clip. The opponent is stacking the box in comical fashion. Should you turn to the seasoned veteran with a solid arm?

  • Yes.
  • Nah, I'm going to leave him on the sideline.

Buddy. Come on. Come onnnnnnnnnn. You are trying to die.

The opponent has started to build some momentum, even though they couldn’t handle the defensive pressure you were bringing early. Will you return to your aggressive style from the first half?

The book self-destructs.

Sorry about that. We honestly didn’t expect anyone to get this far. However, it’s still a huge lead, and there’s not that much time remaining... so you’ll be fine.