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Daily Bull 9.28.17 - Worst dressed, Cyclones, and... University of Texas

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Akron David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, fam. Let’s cover some super important news.

OTARO HAS ANOTHER LIST RANKING THINGS. Last week, the affable linebacker and really solid Twitter follow offered up a list of the funniest players on the football team. This week, Otaro is putting people on blast and ranking the WORST dressed Aggie football players.

1. College Station is a mecca of horrible dressers... cargo shorts, maroon t-shirts to any and all occasions, goddamn fishing shirts, very inactive men cloaked in adidas performance everything... you get the idea.

2. Daylon Mack is from DEEP East Texas. I’m sure our own East Texan Shooter Flatch could opine, but we should probably cut #5 some slack for not walking off a runway in Milan.


The UT student government polled students on whether or not they wanted to renew the A&M rivalry. I find most polls to be a waste of time and wrought with all kinds of errors and fallacies, but this one had my attention. The people being polled are too young to really remember Vince Young in the Rose Bowl. They obviously have never been to an A&M-UT game as students. Hell, many of them were 12 the last time we played. This piqued my curiosity and I would have wagered that they’d be indifferent or opposed to renewing the rivalry. The results suggest otherwise:

I concede that there is no way of really knowing the validity of this survey or the sampling methods. Taking it at face value, I attribute this desire for reinstatement on a couple things:

  1. These students have TONS of friends and family members that are Aggies. They know many, many more Aggies than they do Sooners. Part of the reason we don’t have any real rivals in the SEC is most of us rarely come into contact with alums from other schools. We rub elbows year round with Horns, Bears, Raiders, Frogs, etc. Familiarity breeds contempt.
  2. The students want to participate in the joy of the rivalry and the hate. Joy is an emotion that does not exist with the SRISOUS BUSINESS BRANDING keyboard jockeys.
  3. Football rivalries are fucking fun.

SPEAKING OF THE SIPS... We got some Thursday night football in the Heartland!

The Horns and Clones tee it up tonight on ESPN - 7 PM Central. Horns are favored by 4.5 and if you like to get down... Thursday night on the road against a tough, hungry football team... your author is on Iowa State.

Like you needed more reason to pull for the Cyclones.

That’s all I got. What’s on your mind today?