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Daily Bull 9.26.17: Christian Kirk just returns everything

ALSO: Kevin Sumlin “Hotseatsplains” his decision to play for OT

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

KEVIN, YOU GOT SOME ‘SPLAININ’ TO DO. Ah, talk radio. Where a coach has to grovel and justify a strategy (that worked btw) to the pitchfork-wielding listeners. Kevin Sumlin explained his decision to play for the tie late in the Arkansas game last night, the DMN reports. Yep, Twitter was already crucifying him DURING the drive, so may as well get out on damage control a couple days later. Honestly, we wanted them to run the dang ball, and he did. Coulda taken a couple shots into the end zone, sure, but let’s also not forget one of Mond’s first throws in OT was batted dangerously at the line. It’s really a no-win if your seat is that hot, but he went with the safe bet of the steady kicker and the undefeated OT record over the true freshman QB in his first SEC game. It paid off. BUT YOU CAN STILL BE MAD, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU PAY FOR. One day we will win a flawless game in a shutout against a good team and there will be massive criticism over Sumlin’s sweatshirt or the point at which he started calling victory formation plays. It’s a thirsty void to fill.


We love these. And we improved with a conference win!

POTW, yawn. Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming. Christian Kirk was named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Not his first rodeo, but it was his first kickoff return for touchdown as an Aggie, he did have a career long TD reception (81 yds), and he did score the game-winner in OT. Not a bad outing. He’s now returned a total of six punts/kicks for a score in two and a quarter seasons as an Aggie. This is a phenomenal show, and we’re lucky we get to watch it for the rest of the year.

Have a hellacious Tuesday.


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