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Kevin Sumlin Reaction GIF is Everything

This is how you express exasperation

Louisiana Lafayette v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

We all saw it. Felt it, too. The team was behind a pair of touchdowns and things were looking bleak. Then out of nowhere, an 89-yard touchdown run by the true freshman quarterback. Exhilarating. Timely. We’re right back in this sucker. Momentum swing. HUGE.

Except the side judge butchered the easy call and ruined the whole thing by thinking that Mond had stepped out of bounds. The worst part? Because the play was whistled dead, it can’t be reviewed or overturned.

That’s how we feel too, Coach.

Hey, did y’all see where CBS chose to go to Vandy to cover the Alabama game because Vandy beat Kansas State and thought they might have a chance to give the Tide a good run?

Oh, how about Kentucky? This is the year they finally beat Florida, right? What’s that? They have a 2-TD lead in the fourth quarter? No problem, Mark Stoops.

Did y’all see GameDay was filming in Times Square in New York City? Great match for the Aggie football game experience if you think about it: long lines, overpriced food, and a bunch of shiny buildings that look like they were designed by a rogue Sim City virus.

So apparently South Carolina kicked a last-second field goal to beat Louisiana Tech this past weekend. Good to see at least one football team from the State of Louisiana can compete in the SEC this year.

What’s that? You have an opinion on the NFL and kneeling?