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NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas A&M Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. I wasn’t quite expecting that. I don’t know that I would have expected a win in a game where Trayveon only got 72 total yards and where a touch down gets nullified by referee stupidity. But we got the W. Few quick thoughts:

1. 6-0

Say what you will about Sumlin (and I’ve said a lot of not so nice things) but somehow he owns the Razorbacks. I dont know how or why, but we simply own them in the same way that LSU owns us. We’ve done it through overtime a few times and we’ve blown them out but we’ve always gotten the win.

2) Christian Kirk

Christian Kirk is solidifying himself as a Texas A&M legend. 5 catches for 110 yards, including the game winner...and a long kick off return to keep the Aggies in the dang game towards the end. He absolutely gets the lionshare of the credit for this win, and is showing every single bit of his elite athletic ability.

3) Kellen Mond

Mond finished 14/27 for 216 yards (2 TDs, 1 INT) and rushed for 109 (should have been 119 and a TD but whatever). He managed the game well and made throws when he had to. He looked like a true freshman on a lot of different occasions, but I think it’s perfectly fair to say that this is Kellen Mond’s team moving forward. Good solid game for the youngster.

4) The Defense

Let’s talk about the good first. Armani Watts is a superstar and saved our asses. The interior line gave Arkansas fits and set us up for more sacks than we’ve had all year. Our ends played well today as well.

Secondary struggled today. Whether it was scheme forcing players to play 20 yards off the LOS on a third down or just getting lost in coverage, we made Arkansas look more competent throwing the ball than we should have. We have difficulty defending in space, and teams like Auburn are going to exploit that.

Lots of stuff to clean up moving forward. We still have issues on the OL, we still have scheme and coaching issues (I’m really not sure what our plan was with the clock management at the end of regulation) but every win this year is like found money. It’s a good day for Aggie Football.

BTHO south carolina