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REVEL IN THIS WIN: Texas A&M Takes Down Arkansas 50-43 in OT thriller

What an intense and wild show. Enjoy it, because that’s what you’re supposed to do with victory.

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Folks, just appreciate this for a minute. Yes, there were the usual frustrations, the choppiness, the bad mistakes, the poor playcalling or whatever by the coaches, the head-scratching clock management, you name it. There was the official blowing an obvious non-stepping-out-of-bounds call that cost the Aggies four points. That was bad, and deserves to be called bad, and it will, ad nauseum. Don’t worry about that.

Because we’ll talk about it. It’ll get beaten to death on TV all day today, on the Internet all week, and you can bet that it’ll even get broken down completely on here. But for now, just savor that good feeling. Preserve it and savor it. Smile dumbly and feel good about that win. That rush and jolt of adrenaline that we got from immersing ourselves in an intense rivalry game that had six lead changes in the second half. That went to overtime, and ultimately ended with the Ags winning their sixth straight game against Arkansas.

Revel in this for seeing Christian Kirk explode, as usual, when we needed him most. Revel in this game for watching Kellen Mond continue to grow up before our eyes. And revel in the fact that our best defensive player just sealed another huge SEC win (they’re all big for us at this point, let’s be honest) with his third interception in the past two games.

Revel in this because winning is good and there’s plenty of time for fault-finding later. We’re 1-0 in the SEC today.