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Daily Bull 9.19.17: SEC Coaching Insanity

It’s a crazy world. Someone ought to sell tickets.

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Texas A&M Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Whoa. Y’all hear about these Arkansas/Dallas Cowboys uniforms?

What better way for a struggling football entity trying to cling to past glory to honor themselves than by wearing the uniform of a struggling football entity trying to cling to past glory? Throw in some bizarre 17th-century torture fetish, a gallon of Johnnie Walker Blue, and a suite full of fawning sycophants, and you’ve got Jerry Jones’ ultimate fantasy evening.

MEANWHILE ACROSS TOWN. The Journalistic Knights over at DMN sat down for a Round Table on all things college football in Texas. Among them? Oh yeah, do we fire Summy if he theoretically loses the next four games. The hell kind of question is that? The short answer seems to be “yes,” basically just to appease the masses. But the underlying subtext is “look at what LSU did by firing Les Miles mid-season and bringing in a super-popular replacement to make all the fans happy and then in his first SEC road game the following season he got absolutely obliterated by Mississippi State.” Hell, if we wanted that to happen, we could just keep Sumlin and save ourselves the trouble. It’s gonna be a tense season.

WOW THANX PAWL. Finebaum pontificated yesterday on the reason for the SEC’s lack of “dominance” that they exerted over college football say, five or ten years ago. It’s not Saban’s fault, he says, but rather that all the other coaches are bad or mediocre. Yes. Compared to Saban, 99% of all coaches are bad or mediocre. That’s like blaming the extinction of dinosaurs on the hapless dinosaurs’ inability to survive a catastrophic event instead of on the massive and devastating meteors that rained down upon them. Or something. Science nerds, well-actually away in the comments.


Next four Aggie games: Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. What’s your prediction?

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