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Report: Texas A&M RB Trayveon Williams and QB Jake Hubenak suited up, questionable for today’s game

Both players are listed as questionable but we don’t know yet if they will play.

Nicholls St. v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

OK, we lost a QB against UCLA. Still got a couple left. No problem.

Alright, we lost another one this week. And there may be a couple guys dinged up on the OL per 247. Well, I guess that’s not the end of the world. We’ve got a slew of good running backs, including one of the most dynamic players in the SEC and—

Oh. Oh dear. Shit.

Folks, at this rate we’re gonna have punters taking snaps by the time we hit October. We’re gonna be combing the farmlands for burnout ex-college/HS players who may have a couple years’ eligibility left. We’re gonna have Starkel calling the O from crutches on the sideline like Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues. Half the team will be living feral in the bowels of the Bright Complex, emerging only on Saturdays to storm out onto Kyle Field to try to find some meaning in life.

Well, it’s probably not that bad. Let’s try to remain optimistic. Surely the offense will adapt as needed to make up for the holes in personnel. Flexible. Yes. Definitely going to happen.

Anyway, both Williams and Hubenak are suited up today.

Win The Dang Football. Have a fun Saturday, everyone.