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Texas A&M QB Jake Hubenak is out: now what?

The list of healthy Aggie QBs continues to dwindle.

Mississippi v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Folks, remember this tweet?


Well, here we are just a couple years later and news of a backup transfer’s injury has basically decimated the QB rotation. Life comes at you fast.

So where does this leave us? Obviously the burden will fall on Kellen Mond, as he is now the only active QB with any A&M game experience. The rest of the Aggie QB club consists of Connor Blumrick, who is redshirting, redshirt freshmen walk-ons Hank Hughes and Colton Taylor, UCF transfer Bo Schneider, and Montana State transfer Tyler Bruggman. Some of these players don’t even have official bios on

QBU, indeed.

Not that any of these players aren’t capable of stepping up and filling in as a competent game manager if the offensive gameplan can be adjusted accordingly and ahahahaha we almost made it through that sentence without breaking out into maniacal laughter with the crushing realization that that will never happen.

As an aside, Boise State found a spark last night by utilizing a tight end wildcat package that resulted in a rushing TD when their traditional run game was sputtering. Couple things though: that would require offensive adjustments. And also a tight end.

It may be time to dust off that Christian Kirk wildcat package. Line up Ford and Williams on either side of him and let them just run around or something. We don’t know. Or if we get an early lead, just kneel the ball on the first three downs and punt to give our defense good field position and kill the clock.

Guess we’ll find out Saturday.