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WATCH: Episode 1 of Texas A&M's 'The Pulse'

Actual video of actual football things. It's time.

It's game week, and that means the return of "The Pulse," Texas A&M's documentary-style coverage of the Aggie Football season.

This is season four of "The Pulse," and while it can sometimes become tiresome when the team is slogging through another dismal finish to the season, the first one of the year is always worth your while. We've spent months of no real football activity to consume, and the past few weeks being teased by amateur video of player interviews and drills tailor-made by coaches to really show us nothing. This is often our first real look into what's happening as the program prepares for the season, and it never fails to get me pumped.

Enjoy, and get yourself mentally ready to beat the hell outta UCLA!