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Daily Bull 8.29.17: What Expectations?

We have no idea what will happen Sunday, and that’s kind of fun.

USC v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

KNOW YOUR ‘PONENT. This time it’s us. Go Jo Bruin has a handy primer for UCLA fans on what to expect from the Aggie football team. It’s helpful for all interested parties, since none of us know what to expect either. This is one of those games where any conceivable outcome wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to the most seasoned of fans. “6-3 slopfest with tons of turnovers? Meh. 62-58 lightning storm that shatters countless records? Not that surprising.” This is a heck of a stage for a debut for whoever takes the field under center. This is the first game with a possible first-time QB in one of the finest settings in college football against a team that was even more of a let-down last year than we were. Who knows what the hell is going to happen, but it’s happening soon and that’s good enough for us.

SPEAKING OF MASSIVE DICKHEADS. Well, we weren’t really doing that but we needed a smooth transitional segue. Art Briles is so toxic that Canada wont’ touch him. The former Baylor head coach was initially hired yesterday as an assistant head coach/offensive coordinator by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, presumably because they do not have internet or a functional awareness of college football. They changed their mind a few hours later and announced that he’d “no longer be joining the organization” et. al, when they suffered the wrath of the Internet in a huge backlash of public opinion. Hey, some people deserve second chances. Art Briles is not one of those people.

HEY WHY NOT TRY IT, IT WON’T COST YOU ANYTHING. Do you enjoy angst and wallowing in misery after each display of imperfection by the football team? Of course you do, we know no other way of life. But it doesn’t have to be that terrible all the time. mattywatty is a big proponent of optimism, and it sounds like a pretty nice racket if you’ve got the patience for it. May as well try it; hell, nothing else is working.


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