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Football Down Under: Stanford vs. Rice GameThread

There’s football in Australia so what

2017 US College Football Sydney Cup: Launch Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Good day. It was a good day. We saw college football in real time. How ‘bout those Rams. Mike Bobo is now the next head coach everywhere for the next three months. No more Saturdays without it until mid-January-ish. This is good. Everything’s good.

It’s even good when it’s played on the other end of the world for people who aren’t wholly familiar with the sport. What better ambassadors for college football than a throwback power team and a struggling mid-major that hasn’t seen real success in the better part of a decade? It’s a decent cross-section of the sport when you ignore the extremely stringent academic requirements.

Anyway, we’re rambling. There’s Stanford vs. Rice on your TV tonight in the bright Australian sunlight. Soak it up.

David Bailiff taking a bunch of nerdy two stars up against a PAC-12 powerhouse in the Outback is exactly the type of dystopian future I want on a Saturday night.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect David Shaw to suddenly rediscover his humanity and go easy on you.

If tight ends were currency, we’d be calling him Immortan Shaw.

Mick Dundee would be a perfect name for one of the 27 tight ends on Stanford's roster.

Bailiff isn’t a fan of Guy Pearce; he thinks dudes shouldn’t get earrings.

Like Mel Gibson, Rice has sort of just been floundering around in their own personal wasteland for the past decade or so. Without the racist tirades and erratic behavior, though.

Wondering if the MOB will pick up on the fact that, like Blaster, Stanford players are exceptionally large and strong but highly susceptible to shrill, high-pitched noises.

When you finally get to The Green Place, it’s just millions upon millions of smiling Stanford Trees.

Folks, we call this one Beyond Chunder Dome. Two teams enter. One team leaves.

Have fun in the comments, y’all.