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Breaking the Sumlin Code: Ascertaining the Starting Texas A&M Quarterback

The clues are all out there, sheeple

Prairie View v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

We’re in the wild season. Every day is a fresh wave of scattered reporting and guesswork and intensifying speculation on the most burning of questions: who will be the scapegoat for all the offense’s shortcomings the starting quarterback in 2017?

Sumlin’s not least not out loud. But he’s saying things subliminally. Let’s take a closer look.


The eclipse. Two celestial bodies aligning. Two courses of events meeting for that perfect moment. Which QB has helmed two large ships? If you look at the angle Sumlin is facing and orient the landmarks in the photo accordingly, he seems to be staring straight in the direction of Stillwater, Oklahoma, where Jake Hubenak began his college career.


Seems pretty harmless, right? Just a picture of a practice field on a quiet summer afternoon. Look more closely. Kevin Sumlin is a meticulous person. Doesn’t seem to like clutter. So why didn’t he crop out that McDonald’s sign in the background in the top right corner? Surely that’s a needless addition to a picture that’s supposed to convey the grind of football practice? Folks, it’s there for a reason.

McDonald’s = M = Mond

Not exactly rocket science here.



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Just a highlight reel of defensive plays from practice. No big deal. Until you realize what you don’t see. You don’t see Nick Starkel out there getting blown up by the defense. A very subtle beginning to the Starkel hype train.


Note, if you will, that there are FOUR empty seats in the very first row of chairs in this crowd. The room is otherwise full. Clearly Sumlin has arranged for these seats to be empty, but WHY? To signify that this isn’t just a three-man race anymore. Who is the mysterious fourth QB candidate? Well, which recent Aggie QB hero has been notoriously missing from social media lately, only played two seasons, and has the means to hire lawyers to research a loophole in NCAA eligibility rules?

Rice v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Got any more hard evidence supporting one player over the other? Let’s see it in the comments.