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Texas A&M’s new alternate uniform is...maroon


Adidas teased Texas A&M Aggies fans on Monday with some brief glimpses of a new uniform, and it was revealed in full today. They’re calling this the “Bright Lights” uniform, and one thing you can say for it: it’s definitely maroon. Maroon helmet, maroon facemask, maroon jersey, maroon pants, maroon socks, maroon cleats. That’s the good news.

The bad news? There’s a lot of black in there too.

As usual, the showpiece of the uniform is the helmet, which is essentially a maroon hybrid of the black helmet they wore in Starkville in 2012 and the chromed-out helmet the team wore in Starkville in 2014. It’s a maroon helmet, which fades to black at the bottom, with a chrome A&M logo. This looks really solid.

The rest of the uniform is all maroon, which would probably satisfy a lot of fans were it not for the addition of the black cheetah spots masquerading as Adidas’ “primeknit” pattern. For me, it kind of ruins what is otherwise a pretty cool look. Make those black parts maroon and I have no complaints. The removal of the beveled numbers and the vertical shoulder stripes (as well as the pants stripe) makes a simple but clean look. But that black though...

While this certainly isn’t going to go down as one of the worst college uniforms of all time, it could have been better, and may come as a bit of a letdown. Especially since it comes on the heels of some legitimately good designs by Adidas, specifically for Miami and Nebraska.


The Aggies will wear these bad boys when the take on Mississippi State on Oct. 28 at Kyle Field. Unlike some previous alternate uniforms, let’s hope the game’s result helps us remember them more fondly.

But hey, at least Snoop likes ‘em.