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Daily Bull 8.16.17: The Resurgent Defense

2017 really is the year this time for sure, yes definitely this year

UCLA v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

MORNIN Y’ALL. It’s hot. It’s a thousand percent humidity and in the afternoons the sun hits the side of your face like a griddle. The end’s in sight, though. Know how we can tell? There’s an article about the A&M QB battle pretty much every day.

But that’s not the big story this season, says Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports: it’s the John Chavis show. In a year where the offense might not get the usual quick start as in seasons past, the other side of the ball is more important than ever.

But strength up the middle will also allow Chavis to open up the playbook quite a bit. According to a source close to the program, the Aggies will employ a wide variety of looks up front including three down linemen, and bring exotic blitzes from everywhere in an attempt to keep offensive coordinators guessing and opposing quarterbacks on their toes.

Sure, this is your usual August buzzword fodder too, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than hand-wringing over the QB situation. Hail to the Chief.

And how do we help the defense? BY RUNNIN THE DANG BALL, OF COURSE. Here’s one taek on why Keith Ford might have a breakout season, which would be nice. Keep reading to the end for this nice bit of gossip, how the hell did we miss this?

LT Koda Martin married former Texas A&M volleyball player Jazzmin Babers, the daughter of Syracuse coach Dino Babers, in late July. Along with entering married life, Martin will be counted on to anchor the Aggies' offensive line as one of three returning starters.

Babers and Sumlin were on RC Slocum’s staff together in 2001-2002. IS THERE A FUTURE NON-CON SERIES IN THE WORKS? Let the speculation begin. I’m sure the recruiting analysts are already eagerly on the lookout for any of Koda & Jazzmin’s male offspring that they can objectify and “cover”.

RIP, Coach. Arkansas’ Frank Broyles passed away on Monday at the age of 92. Here’s the full family statement. Broyles led Georgia Tech to four straight bowl games as a QB there and his career became even more prolific after that. When they name prestigious awards after you, you’ve made an impact in the sport. Arkansas Fight remembers.

Have a good Wednesday, people.


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