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Texas A&M teases alternate uniform for 2017 season

Full uniform to be revealed Aug. 17


It’s well-documented that August sucks, but one thing that usually comes out of it is college football uniform reveals. Adidas dropped some news on Monday that the Texas A&M Aggies will be wearing yet another alternate uniform in 2017, which will be revealed in full on Thursday, Aug. 17.

While this video goes by fast, it does drop a few clues regarding the new uniform. Enhance...enhance....

Let’s try and look at the individual elements based on what we’ve seen.


It’s hard to tell too much, but it appears to be a glossy maroon helmet (potentially fading to black?) with a maroon facemask. You can see the “M” of the logo in the reflection, potentially in a chrome finish?


Easily the most striking aspect of the uniform seems to be the Primeknit pattern in the jersey, which, instead of being two tones of maroon, is maroon and black. While many will hate this look, they can take solace in the fact that the numbers appear to be un-beveled. Also noticeably absent are the trademark vertical stripes on the shoulders that have appeared on every non-throwback jersey the Aggies have worn since 2012.


We only get a brief look at these, but they appear to be maroon, with no stripes, and a large (beveled) block TAM logo on the hip.

Base layers

Both the skull cap and the compression shirt feature block TAM logos with a maroon-to-black gradient.

Come back on Thursday when the uniform is revealed in full and the Aggie internet can roast Kevin Sumlin for spending so much time designing these.