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Daily Bull 8.14.17: How’s That Quarterback Matchup Looking?

Well, we’ll tell you....

Arizona v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

HUNGRY. Texas A&M needs linebackers. Justin Dunning needs to play football. This is the year it could all fall together. Ben Baby takes a great look at how this extremely talented football player has overcome three major knee injuries to stand at the cusp of a great season. 6’4”, 240 with defensive back speed and impresses Armani Watts? Sign me up.

LET US COUNT THE WAYS. Exactly how many possible headlines exist for the sentiment “We Don’ Know Who Our Quarterback Is Yet And Won’t Know Until Sumlin Tells Us But We Need To Talk About It Anyway”? many days are left until the UCLA game? Haven’t seen a talented group of guys with this much uncertainty headed to Los Angeles since Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers drove out there from Florida in the ‘70s with $300 and a station wagon full of their life’s possessions.

LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE. Gridiron Now takes a gander at established positional advantages: specifically, which position group is the strength for each team in the UCLA-A&M matchup. Guess what? One of them has the advantage at QB. Take a guess which school the results might shock you you won’t believe it etc., etc.

THIS IS FINE EVERYTHING’S FINE. Yeah but define “fine”. This dropped on Friday, so it’s worth a re-visit: Bill C’s Texas A&M preview for 2017. WARNING: don’t read if you’ve conveniently forgotten all the ghastly details of our recent late-season collapses. Oh, sorry, I just reminded you, didn’t I? Go read it.

Have a fun Monday. We’re almost halfway through this beastly month.


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