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Daily Bull 8.11.17: Kyle Field Has Cheap Water!

Get it while it’s tepid!

Ball State v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images


Texas A&M announced yesterday that a 20-ouncer of bottled water is gonna sell for just $2 at all football games this fall. Amazing times we live in.

Bet Bear Bryant’s boys never imagined, back when they were scrabbling in the dust and gravel out in Junction, that you’d one day have to have paper money to rub together just to drink water at a football game, and that people would be celebrating the news.

But, hey. Can’t complain if something got cheaper, right? The big news here is that value combo pack. Available at select locations, mind you. Imagine: it’s early September at Kyle Field. You arrive early for that 6 p.m. kickoff in the absolute peak of late-summer temperatures. You slog your way up the concrete chutes like so many cattle and come out of the temporary respite of the shade into the sun-blasted, metal-baked warmth of your seating area. What better way to mollify the entire fam than this wonderful value pack? Four big ole sticky sodas. Four delicious hot dogs, sodden with warm mustard and relish, the gummy outer texture of the franks sticking to the slightly-stale buns. And the kicker: a nice bucket of salty popcorn, the kind that expands in your mouth and sucks up moisture like shop floor oil-absorbing pellets. That’s how you beat the heat right there! Eat at Kyle Field Concessions.

All foodie criticisms aside, we can’t really complain about cheaper water and bargain packages. After the massive overhaul and transformation we’ve seen at Kyle Field over the last few years it’s nice to catch a little break for the wallet. That’s what we like to call Good Business Sense, and it’s very important to all us Ags. Get your cheap water four weeks from tomorrow at Kyle Field.


You gonna load up on that value pack or what?

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    You’re dang right we are.
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    No, I only consume organic, free-range, grass-fed hot dogs.
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