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Kevin Sumlin Stuns Reporters by Wearing Decorative Overalls to Press Conference

Coach has got that Aggie Spirit and the threads to prove it.


(BRIGHT COMPLEX—COLLEGE STATION, TX) The Texas A&M football coach shocked reporters and fans alike recently as he took the dais to answer post-practice questions attired in garishly-painted overalls and wielding a gallon of maroon paint to demonstrate his decorative process.

"This is a beautiful and time-honored tradition at Texas A&M, one that should be valued and passed down through the generations," Sumlin said when asked about the puff-paint adorned denim coveralls, a practice that has been popular in certain segments of the Texas A&M faithful for well over 20 whole years.

In addition to various "SEC" and "2017" decorative adornments, Sumlin's uniquely designed overalls also depicted a bronzed E. King Gill, the cartoonish ESPN version of Reveille, a cactus from Junction, TX, and a flaming chair, a self-deprecating jab at his own hot seat.

"It's important to keep things light while still valuing this ancient and sacred tradition," he quipped. He added that his family helped him knock out the project one afternoon with some glitter paint, stencils and a bucket of Behr all-finish as they watched The Junction Boys starring Tom Berenger as Bear Bryant, a weekly tradition at the Sumlin household.


When asked by one smarmy reporter why he hadn’t put flames on the rear of his overalls to represent the hot seat, Sumlin just fixed the offender with his patented thousand-yard glare until the self-satisfied beat writer’s confidence wilted and he slumped visibly in his chair. “Next question,” he said.

The rest of the crowd was delighted at the conclusion of the conference when Coach turned to leave and all were treated to a special message. "Hail to the Chief!" read the painted letters on the seat of his overalls, a tribute to third-year defensive coordinator John Chavis.

Chavis was unavailable for comment.