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Daily Bull 8.10.17: Texas A&M Ranked #25

Celebrate: eat at Waffle House

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - Texas A&M v Kansas State Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

ON DREAMS AND DISASTERS: 2017 is the blankest of slates for Kevin Sumlin. He can rejuvenate his legacy or he can cement his demise. Lots of it will hinge on two big games away from Kyle Field in September, as Saturday Down South points out. Considering the team’s recent history in the late stretches of the season, this could be extra-pivotal.

NUMBER 25 IS STILL TOP 25. That’s right, we’re ranked. In the most meaningless and contrived of measuring sticks (beyond recruiting matchups, attendance smack, and TV market ratings, that is) the SI preseason top 25 poll has the Ags teetering at the edge of the ranked. This could go two ways: cement a slow and steady climb up the charts to the top ten before another imminent collapse, or set the stage for setting a record for most swings into and out of the top 25 as the Ags pepper September and October with strategic losses before settling into mediocrity in November. Dine at Arby’s.

AGZ N THE NFL. Training camps and hype machines are gearing up. Pre-pre-season scrimmages galore. More Bud Light commercials than you could possibly dream of. Shouting heads telling you to take it seriously. Lots to absorb. Here’s a handy guide to all 37 the Aggies currently on NFL rosters so you can root for them in the next few weeks.

WHY THANK YOU MR. CAMPBELL THAT’S JUST UP OUR ALLEY. Any of you folks gonna go watch the solar eclipse? Plan on getting a hankering for some of America’s finest breakfast foods while you’re at it? Here’s a handy link with a map of all the Waffle Houses in the eclipse track.

Too bad it will take a solar eclipse event like the one depicted in Apocalypto just to pull enough strings to get a Waffle House location in Bryan/College Station.