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Daily Bull 7.28.17 - College Football Starts 4 Weeks from Tomorrow

Arizona State v UCLA Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

CHIEF CHALLENGED. Coach’s Night went to Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth last night. Show of hands of anyone who has been drunkenly thrown out of Billy Bob’s more than once - ... just me? OK. Anyway, Chief was in attendance and didn’t shy away from responsibility over last season’s pussyfoot defense.

"I gotta get that feeling out of my stomach," Chavis said. "It's not good."

The defense surrendered 442 yards per game which is disgraceful. Worse - they gave up 29 or more points in five of the last six games against the Power 5.

Then Chief said what you’ve been thinking for the last five years (and longer):

Chavis, who also coaches the position, joked he had a talk with the team's linebackers coach.

"He's ready to see true SEC play out of the linebacker corps," Chavis said.

Please God give us linebackers that can run, and you know, maybe tackle.


Um holy shit look at those pythons.

Have a helluva weekend. We’re almost there.