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Daily Bull 7.24.17: Summertime Blues

“Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do”

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

THE SQUATS AND THE FURY. It’s good to have linebackers who are a bit raw, fiery, and prone to feats of superhuman strength. Last week, sophomore Tyrel Dodson squatted the equivalent of a small horse immediately after doing stadium sprints. This is a positive for many reasons: first, that thing called “tackling.” More strength = better potential tackling. Not sure on the exact mechanics, but it must be true. Second, it fires up the team. Is it coincidence that it happened around the time Terry Price had his defensive cookout? This is the pinnacle of college football offseason. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.

A BLIGHT IN AUGUST. We’re in the last week of July. Five weeks and change until the season, and the tottering, listing Jenga tower that was Ole Miss Football has come crashing magnificently to the ground in the most complete way possible. Spencer Hall walks us through the aftermath, the ramifications, and the sheer absurdity of the event. And hey Star Wars nerds, stick with it until the end for the rare payoff.

THE UNVANQUISHED. Kevin Sumlin has the patience of a saint. Imagine the sheer volume of inexplicably dumb, lazy questions he’s been asked over the last six summers. It’s no wonder that he’s turned to fashion as a supplemental topic, in this case to the dopey query of the season (per this Chron article)

Who's going to replace Myles Garrett?

Wow. Obviously, the short answer is “you don’t” and then hold up there before adding an epithet for the questioner. But Kevin Sumlin likes to give you your money’s worth, so instead of brusquely diving into the next topic preemptively, he’s going to talk a little bit about guys who are contending for the position. Then he’s gonna give you some detail.

Sumlin likes the looks of one guy who plans to give it heck trying, however: junior-college transfer Micheal Clemons (6-5, 240), nicknamed "Cyclops" will compete for playing time with veterans Qualen Cunningham and Jarrett Johnson.

"He's there (at A&M) working like crazy," Sumlin said of one of the nation's top junior-college prospects in the class of 2017. "The best thing about him is we gave him some extra-large shorts, and they looked like the kind that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson used to wear. I'm anxious to get him on the field."

Coach, let’s talk about that cutoff jersey and half-inch-thick white socks while we’re on the topic of football attire.


More menacing Cyclops?

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